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Performance name of: Joe Zieja


Album + Remix

2013Final Fantasy VI: Balance and RuinOverClocked ReMix4.53
2013Dwelling of Duels 2013-09: 10th Anniversary MonthDwelling of Duels1
2013Free ReMix Collectionzircon1
2013Dwelling of Duels 2013-12: MAG12 Free MonthDwelling of Duels1
2014The Legend of Zelda: Lime of the SeasonRêvasser1
2014Legacy: Game Boy 25th AnniversaryOverClocked ReMix41
2014Final Fantasy: Crystal ClashOverClocked ReMix Forums1
2015Dungeonmans Remansteredzircon1
2015Dwelling of Duels 2015-01: Dance Party MonthDwelling of Duels1
2015Final Fantasy II: RebellionOverClocked ReMix2
2015Dwelling of Duels 2015-06: Jazz MonthDwelling of Duels1
2015Final Fantasy IX: Worlds ApartOverClocked ReMix1
2015Vampire Variations: Volume IIIOverClocked ReMix1
2016Chronicles of Time: A Chrono Trigger Arrangement ProjectChronicles of Time2
2016BadAss: Boss Themes, Volume IIIOverClocked ReMix1
2017Super Mario RPG: Window to the StarsOverClocked ReMix1
2017Mirror Image: A Link to the Past ReMixedOverClocked ReMix1
2018Hometown Heroes: Town Themes ArrangedOverClocked ReMix1
2019Songs of the Sirens: Link’s Awakening ReMixedOverClocked ReMix1
2020BadAss: Paragons & RenegadesOverClocked ReMix1

Album + Remix + DJ-mix

2015Super Cartography Bros.OverClocked ReMix2

EP + Spokenword + Remix

2016Candy CornYoshiBlade1

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