Gerard (Japanese progressive rock band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
21st Century Schizoid Man Gerard 8:02
Again Gerard 3:48
Alaska - Time to Kill Gerard 7:40
Analysis of Life Gerard 5:47
Aqua Dream Part One: Aqua Dream Gerard 6:50
Aqua Dream Part Two: Spring Tide Gerard 8:23
Ascending to Heaven Gerard 2:05
Awake Gerard 5:03
Blue World, Part I-III Gerard 14:09
Caravan on the Moon Gerard 11:14
Catharina Parr Gerard 6:21
Catharine Parr Gerard 6:24
Chaos Gerard 5:51
Chaos Gerard 5:35
Conquest of the Dark Gerard 3:49
Crime of the Future Gerard 5:42
Cry for the Moon Gerard 4:45
Danger Money Gerard 8:02
Don't Leave Me Now Gerard 4:32
Empty Lie, Empty Dream Gerard 6:21
Empty Lie, Empty Dream Gerard 5:00
Fall Into a Doze Gerard 7:41
Four Holes in the Ground Gerard 6:06
Freedom Gerard 7:03
From the Deep Gerard 7:22
Future Gerard 8:57
Good Night Sleep Tight Gerard JPKI09101140 9:46
Heaven Gerard JPKI09101130 4:46
Hopeless Blue Star Gerard 6:12
Hopeless Blue Star Gerard 6:23
In the Dead of Night Gerard 5:59
Infinity Gerard 7:35
Irony of Fate Gerard JPKI09101080 5:33
Irony of Fate Gerard 4:21
Keep a Memory Green Gerard 5:10
Killing Our Mother Condeming Our Children Gerard 6:44
Knife - Edge Gerard 6:32
La conquista della posizione eretta Gerard 8:22
La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta Gerard 8:24
Labyrinth Gerard 4:40
Lark's Tongues in Aspic Part Two Gerard 6:53
Last Night Forever Gerard JPKI09101090 4:59
Love Game Gerard 5:31
My Eyes to the Panic Gerard JPKI09101120 3:18
My Heart to the Past Gerard JPKI09101100 4:45
My Heart to the Past Gerard 4:38
Only the Light Gerard 5:10
Orpheus Gerard 6:41
Pain in the Bubble Gerard 5:53
Pandora's Box Gerard 10:21
Payment for His Evil Sins Gerard 7:49
Prelude Gerard JPKI09101110 4:21
Prelude Gerard 4:42
Sighs of the Water Gerard 8:08
Siren in the Mysterious Sea Gerard 4:06
The Acts of the Apostles Gerard 5:04
The Edge of Darkness Gerard 10:32
The Pendulum, Parts 1-3 Gerard 11:52
The Ruins of a Glass Fortress, Part One Gerard 3:32
The Ruins of a Glass Fortress, Part Two Gerard 8:29
Time Paradox Gerard 5:14
Toccata Gerard 7:38
Visionary Dream Gerard 4:30
Vrijen in de zon Gerard 4:23
Wall Gerard 9:07
Wall Gerard 9:13
Warning! Warning! Gerard 4:00
アゲイン Gerard 3:49
ミッドナイト・ドリーマー Gerard 4:31
メリディアン Gerard 2:57
ラヴ・ゲーム Gerard 5:32
リヴェンジ Gerard 3:34
伝説の聖夜 Gerard 3:31
夢・幻 Gerard 4:29
溶けゆく時間の中で Gerard 9:39
狂おしき愛の日々 ジェラルド JPKI08384108 5:15
狂おしき愛の日々 Gerard 5:15
神よオルフェのように Gerard 8:52
虚実の城 ジェラルド JPKI08587176 5:01

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