Dillinja (UK drum & bass producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Twist ’em Out (part of “Ministry of Sound: World Dance Xprs Yrslf” DJ-mix) Dillinja 2:12
Twist ’em Out (part of “Rave Nation: The Anthems” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 3:17
Twist ’em Out (edit) Dillinja GBCEN1000153 3:54
Twist Em Out Dillinja 3:54
Twist Em Out (part of “Jungle Classics: The Ultimate Drum ’n’ Bass and Jungle Album” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 3:41
Twist Em Out (part of Ministry of Sound: Anthems: Drum & Bass DJ-mix) Dillinja 1:54
Unexplored Terrain Dillinja 7:00
Unexplored Terrain Dillinja 6:59
Unexplored Terrain Dillinja 5:12
Unexplored Terrain Dillinja 3:51
Unexplored Terrain Dillinja 7:01
Valve Sound Dillinja 2:33
Valve Sound Dillinja 5:49
Valve Sound Dillinja 2:33
Valve Sound Dillinja 5:33
Valve Sound Dillinja ?:??
Vicious Dillinja 5:52
Violent Killa Dillinja 5:35
Warm Your Heart Dillinja 4:42
Warp Drive Dillinja ?:??
Warrior Dillinja ?:??
Warrior Jazz Dillinja 9:42
Watching You Dillinja 4:23
Weapon of Choice Dillinja 7:05
What's the Deal! Dillinja 6:20
What's the Deal! Dillinja ?:??
When Love (part of a “FabricLive 52: Zero T” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 1:05
Who U / Phantom Force Dillinja / Digital & Spirit 3:08
Who You (Oi) Dillinja ?:??
Who You (OI) Dillinja ?:??
Why? Dillinja 6:24
Why? Dillinja ?:??
WINDERMERE ROLL OUT MIX (by Dillinja) 荒川美恵 & Dillinja 5:06
You Can't Touch Dillinja 1:56
You Can't Touch... Dillinja 5:25
You Can’t Touch Dillinja 5:30
You Don't Know Dillinja 4:56
You Don't Know Dillinja 5:09
You Don't Know Dillinja ?:??
You Don't Know (remix) Dillinja 3:38
You Don’t Know (The remix) Dillinja ?:??
You're Gonna Miss My Face Dillinja 5:30

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