Dillinja (UK drum & bass producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Sky (Zero T Remix) Dillinja ?:??
So Damn Tough Dillinja 3:44
So Damn Tuff Dillinja 6:38
So Special Dillinja 2:52
Soul Brother Dillinja ?:??
Soul Control Dillinja 5:34
Soul Control Dillinja 5:34
South Manz Dillinja 2:59
South Manz Dillinja ?:??
Sovereign Melody Dillinja 2:16
Sovereign Melody Dillinja 5:03
Sovereign Melody Dillinger 5:14
Static Dillinja 2:15
Static Dillinja 5:03
Steal the Way Dillinja 5:07
Steelers Anthem Mr. E, Dillinja & Clarky ?:??
Stomper's Delight Dillinja 5:16
Super DJ Dillinja 6:30
Super Human Dillinja ?:??
Take Me All the Way Dillinja 2:16
Take Me All the Way Dillinja 1:26
Take Me All The Way Dillinja ?:??
Take My Life Dillinja 4:52
Tear Down (Da Whole Place) Dillinja 5:08
Tear Down (Da Whole Place) Dillinja 5:11
Test Time Dillinja ?:??
That Amen Track (feat. Lemon D) Dillinja 6:37
The Acid Track Dillinja 2:30
The Angels Fall Dillinja 2:48
The Angels Fell Dillinja 5 5:55
The Angels Fell Dillinja 5:55
The Angels Fell Dillinja 5:53
The Angels Fell Dillinja 4:17
The Angels Fell Dillinja 5:47
The Angels Fell Dillinja 5:52
The Angels Fell (Goldie's DJ Mix) Dillinja 2:44
The Box Dillinja 4:47
The Box Dillinja 3:42
The Box Dillinja 4:46
The Final Piece Dillinja 1:49
The Fuse Dillinja 4:04
The Fuze Dillinja 6:14
This Is a Warning Dillinja 2:05
This Is a Warning (part of “Breakbeat Kaos” DJ-mix) Dillinja 4:31
This Is A Warning Dillinja 6:27
Threshold Dillinja 5:59
Threshold Dillinja 4:00
Thugged Out Bitch Dillinja 5:19
Thugged Out Bitch Dillinja 4:34
Thugged Out Bitch Dillinja 4:00
Thugged Out Bitch Dillinja 5:15
Thugged Out Bitch Dillinja 1:49
Thugged Out Bitch (part of “Ministry of Sound: World Dance Xprs Yrslf” DJ-mix) Dillinja 2:32
Thugged Out Bitch (Adam F & DJ Fresh Remix) Dillinja ?:??
Thugged Out Bitch (Adam F & Fresh remix) Dillinja ?:??
Thugs Dillinja ?:??
Time Out Dillinja 4:57
Time Out Dillinja 4:03
Time Out Dillinja ?:??
Together Dillinja 3:59
Together Dillinja ?:??
Total Recall Dillinja ?:??
Transcope Dillinja ?:??
Transcope Dillinja 4:28
Transcope Dillinja ?:??
Tronik Funk Dillinja 2:53
Tronik Funk Dillinja 3:42
Tronik Funk Dillinja ?:??
Tudor Rose Dillinja 4:10
Tudor Rose Dillinja 5:19
Tudor Rose (Rareform remix) Dillinja 2:10
Tudor Rose (RareForm remix) Dillinja ?:??
Tunnel Grinder Dillinja 1:47
Tunnel Grinder Dillinja ?:??
Twist 'em Out Dillinja 3:45
Twist 'em Out Dillinja 3:22
Twist 'em Out Dillinja 2:22
Twist 'em Out Dillinja 4:23
Twist 'em Out Dillinja 3:24
Twist 'em Out (part of DJ Hype’s “Drum & Bass Essentials” DJ-mix) Dillinja 1:26
Twist 'Em Out Dillinja 3:25
Twist 'Em Out Dillinja 3:44
Twist 'Em Out Dillinja 0:28
Twist 'Em Out (DJ Fresh BC Remix) Dillinja ?:??
Twist 'Em Out (Dylan Remix) Dillinja ?:??
Twist 'em Out (feat. Skibadee) Dillinja 3:53
Twist 'em Out (feat. Skibadee) (DJ Fresh Bad Company mix) Dillinja 5:12
Twist 'em Out (feat. Skibadee) (Keaton mix) Dillinja 6:43
Twist 'em Out (feat. Skibadee) (radio edit) Dillinja 2:55
Twist 'Em Out (Fresh BC remix) Dillinja 5:14
Twist 'em Out (Keaton remix) Dillinja 6:44
Twist 'em Out (original mix) Dillinja 2:37
Twist 'Em Out (Original Mix) Dillinja ?:??
Twist 'Em Out (Skibadee Vocal Mix) Dillinja ?:??
Twist ’em Out Dillinja feat. Skibadee 2:56
Twist ’em Out (part of “Ministry of Sound: Addicted to Bass 2010” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 2:19
Twist ’em Out (part of “Ministry of Sound: World Dance Xprs Yrslf” DJ-mix) Dillinja 2:12
Twist ’em Out (part of “Rave Nation: The Anthems” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 3:17
Twist ’em Out (edit) Dillinja GBCEN1000153 3:54
Twist Em Out Dillinja 3:54

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