Dillinja (UK drum & bass producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Grimey Dillinja 5:35
Grimey Dillinja feat. Lorreia Loushy 5:35
Grimey (part of “Jungle Classics: The Ultimate Drum ’n’ Bass and Jungle Album” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 3:26
Grimey (part of “Jungle Rewind” DJ-mix) Dillinja 4:05
Grimey (part of “Ministry of Sound: World Dance Xprs Yrslf” DJ-mix) Dillinja 2:10
Grimey (part of a “FabricLive 03: DJ Hype” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 3:29
Grimey (Clipz Remix) Dillinja ?:??
Guitar Dillinja 1:21
Hands in the Air Dillinja 6:17
Hands in the Air Dillinja 5:48
Hands In The Air Dillinja ?:??
Hard Noize Dillinja 5:44
Hard Noize Dillinja & Lemon D 6:27
Heavenly Bass Dillinja ?:??
Holla Dillinja ?:??
How Dare You Dillinja 1:48
How Dare You Dillinja ?:??
How Dare You Dillinja ?:??
Human B Bop Dillinja 5:21
Human B Bop Dillinja 4:28
Human B Bop Dillinja ?:??
Human B Bop Dillinja 5:21
I Told You How to Rock Dillinja 4:38
I Told You How to Rock Dillinja ?:??
I Wanna Know Dillinja 6:05
In the Grind Dillinja 6:11
In the Grind Dillinja 2:55
In The Grind Dillinja ?:??
In the Grind (Dillinja remix) (part of DJ Hype’s “Drum & Bass Essentials” DJ-mix) Dillinja 4:19
In the Grind (VIP mix) Dillinja ?:??
In The Grind V.I.P Dillinja ?:??
In the Mood Dillinja 6:05
Intro Dillinja 0:16
It Ain't Too Loud Dillinja 5:26
It Ain't Too Loud Dillinja 4:00
It Ain't Too Loud Dillinja 4:38
It Ain't Too Loud Dillinja 4:50
It Ain't Too Loud (part of a “FabricLive 06: Grooverider” DJ‐mix) Dillinja 2:32
Ja Know Ya Big Dillinja 6:03
Ja Know Ya Big Dillinja 6:03
Just Warmin' Up Dillinja 5:37
Just Warmin' Up Dillinja 4:29
Kids Stuff Dillinja 6:19
Kids Stuff Dillinja 6:25
Lets Just Smoke Some Weed Dillinja 5:25
Life Dillinja 2:26
Life Dillinja ?:??
Lion Heart Berty B & Dillinja 2:38
Lion Heart Berty B & Dillinja ?:??
Lion Heart Berty B & Dillinja ?:??
Lionheart Bert & Dillinja 2:45
Lionheart Bert & Dillinja 5:19
Listen to My Flow Dillinja ?:??
Listen To My Flow Dillinja ?:??
Live or Die Dillinja 2:42
Live or Die Dillinja 1:29
Live Or Die Dillinja ?:??
Love Child Dillinja ?:??
Lovechild Dillinja 1:05
Lowdown / Fluid Xample / Dillinja 2:11
Make It Work Dillinja ?:??
Me or the Papes Jeru the Damaja & Dillinja ?:??
Mutha*ucka (Fire Fox Re-Lick) Dillinja ?:??
Muthafucka Dillinja 5:48
Muthafucka Dillinja 5:31
My Sound (intro) Dillinja 1:36
Nasty Ways Dillinja 5:03
Nasty Ways Dillinja, Lorreia Loushy 6:30
Nasty Ways Dillinja Feat. Lorreia Loushy 6:21
Nasty Ways Dillinja feat. Lorreia Loushy 6:31
Nasty Ways (part of "Drum & Bass Arena 18 Years" DJ-mix) Dillinja feat. Lorreia Loushy 5:08
Nasty Ways (original mix) Dillinja 6:31
Nasty Ways Feat. Lorreia Loushy Dillinja 6:33
Never Dillinja 4:09
Never Believe Dillinja 5:59
Never Believe Dillinja 6:00
No Future Dillinja 5:16
No Future Dillinja 4:21
Non-Believers Dillinja 3:38
Origin Unknown / How Dare You / Valley of the Shaddows (part of “Breakbeat Kaos” DJ-mix) Dillinja 3:32
Perfect Match Dillinja 5:15
Pluto Dillinja 5:00
Precious Dillinja 6:13
Precious Dillinja ?:??
Promise Dillinja GBAMY9700349 8:17
Rainforest Dillinja 6:17
Rainforest Dillinja ?:??
Rhythmic Trip Dillinja 4:02
Safe in Mind / Angels Fell UNKLE / Dillinja ?:??
Saved My Life (Lemon D Remix) Dillinja ?:??
Sax Into The Night Mr. E, Dillinja & Clarky ?:??
Search for Me Dillinja 7:07
Sensemilla Dillinja 3:01
Shiners Dillinja 1:48
Shiners Dillinja ?:??
Silver Blade Dillinja GBBKN9601051 6:10
Silver Blade Dillinja GBBKN9601051 3:47
Silver Blade (part of a “Drum & Bass Arena: The Classics” DJ-mix) Dillinja 2:00
Simple Dillinja 2:11
Sky Dillinja 6:09

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