Clark (Warp Records artist / Early releases under Chris Clark)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Suns of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks version) Clark GBBPW1300103 5:02
Superscope Clark 5:40
Talis Clark GBBPW0900113 2:56
Ted Clark ?:??
Ted Clark GBBPW0600090 2:55
Ted Clark GBBPW0700001 3:01
Ted (Bibio remix) Clark GBBPW0600154 4:26
Ted (Bibio remix) Clark GBBPW0700006 4:25
Ted (Bibio remix) Clark 2:41
The Autumnal Crush Clark 7:19
The Chase Chris Clark GBBPW0100010 1:06
The Dogs Chris Clark GBBPW0100004 2:54
The Gavel Chris Clark 4:09
The Grit in the Pearl Clark GBBPW1400218 4:48
The Magnet Mine Clark GBBPW0900014 4:44
The Magnet Mine (Warp20 (Infinite) locked groove) Clark ?:??
The Pining, Part 1 Clark GBBPW1200009 4:21
The Pining, Part 2 Clark GBBPW1200010 3:11
The Pining, Part 3 Clark GBBPW1200011 2:42
The Sun Too Slow Chris Clark GBBPW0300108 0:57
There’s a Distance in You Clark GBBPW1400222 7:07
To Live and Die in Grantham Clark 7:14
Tooth Moves Clark GBBPW1200003 3:19
Totem Crackerjack Clark GBBPW0900110 5:25
Treat Clark 3:38
Trina Raven Clark 4:40
Truncation Horn Clark 2:19
Tycan Chris Clark GBBPW0300103 4:20
Tyre Chris Clark GBBPW0300102 1:12
Umbilical Hut Chris Clark GBBPW0300106 3:41
Un U.K. Clark 9:56
Un U.K. Clark 10:02
Unfurla Clark GBBPW1400213 5:26
Unfurla Cremated Clark 5:58
Upward Evaporation Clark 5:06
Urgent Jell Hack Clark 4:12
Vac Vac Taurus Clark 4:20
Vengeance Drools Clark GBBPW0600092 3:43
Violenl Clark 3:43
Volcan Veins Clark 4:05
Wicked Life Clark GBBPW0600118 2:11
Winter Linn Clark GBBPW1400212 3:09
Wolf Chris Clark GBBPW0300104 6:22
Wolf Chris Clark 4:51
Wolf Chris Clark 4:50
Word Clark 3:35

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