Motorpsycho (Norwegian band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Ocean in Her Eye Motorpsycho 9:15
The One Who Went Away Motorpsycho 3:13
The One Who Went Away Motorpsycho 6:01
The One Who Went Away Motorpsycho 3:13
The One Who Went Away Motorpsycho ?:??
The Other Fool Motorpsycho 5:40
The Other Fool Motorpsycho 5:13
The Other Fool Motorpsycho 3:59
The Other Fool Motorpsycho 5:35
The Other Fool Motorpsycho 5:42
The Other Other Fool Motorpsycho 10:40
The Other Other Fool Motorpsycho 9:37
The Ozzylot [Hidden in a Girl] Motorpsycho 4:30
The Promise Motorpsycho 4:39
The Sailboat Song Motorpsycho 2:59
The Sift Motorpsycho ?:??
The Sift Motorpsycho 5:40
The Skies Are Full of ...Wine? Motorpsycho 4:58
The Skies Are Full of... Wine ? Motorpsycho 2:17
The Slow Phase-out Motorpsycho 4:48
The Slow Phaseout Motorpsycho 4:31
The Slow Phaseout Motorpsycho 4:39
The Tussler (Slight Return) Motorpsycho 0:26
The Wait Motorpsycho 6:41
The Wait Motorpsycho 6:41
The Waiting Game Motorpsycho 4:57
The West Ain't What It Used to Be Motorpsycho 5:05
The Wheel Motorpsycho 16:57
The Wheel Motorpsycho 22:06
The Wheel Motorpsycho 7:45
The Wheel Motorpsycho 7:45
The Wheel Motorpsycho 13:27
The Wheel (edit) Motorpsycho 8:50
The Witch Motorpsycho 5:37
Theme de Yoyo Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns 7:28
Theme From the Tussler Motorpsycho 1:40
Theme From the Tussler Motorpsycho 1:39
This Otherness Motorpsycho 6:30
Through the Veil Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken 5 11:45
Thunderhead...Drunktank Motorpsycho 5:23
Timothy in the Magic City Motorpsycho 3:44
Timothy's Monster Motorpsycho 4:17
Title Sequence of "The Tussler" Motorpsycho 1:03
Tourstory Video / High Time (live) Monster Magnet & Queens of the Stone Age / Motorpsycho 28:05
Toys Motorpsycho 3:46
Toys Motorpsycho 3:46
Trapdoor Motorpsycho 4:22
Trapdoor Motorpsycho 4:22
Triggerman Motorpsycho 6:15
Trist historie Motorpsycho 2:33
Tristano Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns 20:53
True Middle Motorpsycho 4:52
True Middle Motorpsycho 4:51
Truth Motorpsycho 3:33
Tuesday Morning Motorpsycho 4:23
Überwagner or A Billion Bubbles in My Mind Motorpsycho 5:36
Un chien d'espace Motorpsycho 13:40
Un Chien D'espace / Have Spacesuit Will Travel / Ohm's Concerto for Alto & Soprano Saw Motorpsycho 29:59
Up 'gainst the Wall Motorpsycho 3:58
Up Our Sleeves Motorpsycho 3:36
Upstairs-downstairs Motorpsycho 5:39
Upstairs-Downstairs Motorpsycho 5:12
Valis Motorpsycho 1:37
Vanishing Point Motorpsycho 3:32
Very 90's, Very Aware Motorpsycho 3:12
Viscount Grisnah Motorpsycho ?:??
Viscount GriSnah Motorpsycho 2:51
Viscount GriSnah Motorpsycho 2:53
Vortex Surfer Motorpsycho 9:00
Vortex Surfer Motorpsycho 9:13
Vortex Surfer Motorpsycho 9:02
Vortex Surfer Motorpsycho 8:38
W.B.A.T. Motorpsycho 9:44
W.B.A.T. Motorpsycho 9:40
Waiting for the One Motorpsycho 2:51
Waiting for the One Motorpsycho 3:03
Walkin' With J. Motorpsycho 3:59
Walkin' With J. Motorpsycho 7:05
Walking on the Water Motorpsycho 4:20
Walking On The Water Motorpsycho 4:22
Walking on the Water (alt. version) Motorpsycho 3:00
Wasted Motorpsycho 3:58
Watch Your Head Motorpsycho 2:11
Watching You Motorpsycho 4:37
Watching You Motorpsycho ?:??
Watching You Motorpsycho 4:37
Watersound Motorpsycho 5:11
Watersound Motorpsycho 5:15
Watersound Motorpsycho 5:06
We All Float Down Here Too! Motorpsycho 1:07
Wearing Yr Smell Motorpsycho 3:36
Wearing Yr Smell Motorpsycho 3:36
What If... Motorpsycho 4:16
When The World Sleeps Motorpsycho 5:26
When We Were One Motorpsycho 2:07
When You're Dead Motorpsycho 4:53
When You're Dead Motorpsycho 5:27
Whip That Ghost Motorpsycho 6:30
Whip That Ghost (Song for a Bro') Motorpsycho 11:39
Whiskey and Rock 'n' Roll Motorpsycho 3:37

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