Jason Becker (Shredding / Progressive metal)

~ Person


Perpetual BurnJason Becker12" Vinyl8
Roadrunner RecordsRR 9528 1016861952815
Perpetual BurnJason BeckerCD8
Roadrunner RecordsRR 9528 2016861952822
Perpetual BurnJason BeckerCD8
Shrapnel RecordsSH-1036cd026245103627
Perspective (1st release)Jason BeckerCD9
  • US1996-05-21
Jason Becker MusicJBM-001603147000126
The Raspberry JamsJason BeckerCD25
  • US1999-10-19
Shrapnel RecordsSH113428712725113423
Perspective (2001 reissue)Jason BeckerCD9
  • US2001-05-22
Warner Bros. Records (1958–2019; “WB” logo, with or without “records” beneath or on banner across)9 46951-2093624695127
The Blackberry JamsJason BeckerCD31
  • US2003-03-11
Shrapnel RecordsSH 1159
CollectionJason BeckerCD13
Shrapnel Records026245119727
Perpetual BurnJason BeckerCD8
  • JP2010-11-10
METAL FRONTIER (orange flame label with "NEXUS" subtext)KICP 915134988003395384
Triumphant HeartsJason BeckerCD14
  • XE2018-12-07
Music Theories RecordingsMTR75732819873017912
Triumphant HeartsJason BeckerCD14
  • US2018-12-07
Music Theories Recordings
Triumphant HeartsJason BeckerDigital Media14
  • XW2018-12-07
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