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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
5 Minute Love Tubbe 3:00
5 Minute Love (5 Minuten Terrine remix) Tubbe 4:15
5 Minute Love (5 Minuten Terrine Remix) Tubbe 4:16
Bad Hupferl Tubbe 5:09
Bei aller Liebe Tubbe 3:49
Betonmeer Tubbe 3:34
Betonmeer (Das Britzel Remix) Tubbe 6:46
Betonmeer (Dave & Mighty Remix) Tubbe 4:19
Bird in a Traffic Jam Tubbe 3:47
Die Nacht zum Tag Tubbe 5:47
Dummheit sticht Armut Tubbe 4:28
Eiscafe Ravetto Tubbe 3:10
Good Days Tubbe feat. Joachim Kühn 5:21
Good Days (Monopohl Remix) Tubbe 6:34
Heute oder Hier Tubbe 3:26
Hinten im Garten Tubbe 3:14
In Berlin Tubbe 3:31
In Berlin (Ulliversal Remix) Tubbe 3:45
Liebe.Fertig. Tubbe 4:14
Liebe.Fertig. (All Guns Blazing Remix) Tubbe 4:59
Liebe.Fertig. (Björn Bored Remix) Tubbe 7:26
Liebe.Fertig. (Electrosexual Remix) Tubbe 5:37
Liebe.Fertig. (Favela Gold Remix) Tubbe 5:59
Liebe.Fertig. (Kid Schurke Remix) Tubbe 3:29
Liebe.Fertig. (Kollektiv Barner 16 Remix) Tubbe 3:31
Liebe.Fertig. (Radio Version) Tubbe 3:31
Lied Anstatt Tubbe 3:06
Mess Tubbe 3:50
Mess Tubbe 4:08
My Little Booze Problem Tubbe 3:44
Nacht zum Tag (Boozooks Remix) Tubbe 8:13
Punkopa Tubbe feat. Torsun 3:12
Punkopa (All Guns Blazing & Rufus Godefroy Remix) Tubbe 3:21
Punkopa (The Photsans Remix) Tubbe 3:24
Punkopa & Nazifreie Zone (feat. Captain Gips & Johnny Mauser) Tubbe 2:49
Punkopa & Nazifreie Zone (Mashup) Tubbe 2:51
Sechzehn Zwerge Tubbe 3:47
Sechzehn Zwerge (CryG Remix) Tubbe 4:04
Summer Back Tubbe 4:06
Summerback (Le Twan Remix) Tubbe 6:32
Summerback (Tim Yellow Remix) Tubbe 3:46
Tagelöhner Tubbe 4:01
This One Tubbe 3:08
We Won't Be Friends Tubbe 3:50
We Won't Be Friends (Galakto Edit) Tubbe 3:49
We Won't Be Friends (JD Samson Remix) Tubbe 4:21
We Won't Be Friends (Kid Schurke Remix) Tubbe 5:31
We Won't Be Friends (Kids On TV Remix) Tubbe 5:58
We Won't Be Friends (Monopohl Remix) Tubbe 5:38
We Won't Be Friends (Neal Porter Remix) Tubbe 6:53
Yes We Can't Tubbe 3:35
Yes We Can't (Asymbiose Remix) Tubbe 5:08

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