Name ISRCs Rating Length
(Are You Sure?) It's Shoreham-By-Sea 1:27
A Big Bum From Bevendean 2:14
A Businessman In Whitehawk (Tourettes Mix) 2:06
A Forfars Doughnut 0:29
A House Up Dyke Road (with Peacehaven Kate)(Live at The Dome, Brighton, 25.3.2006) 3:05
A Poke at Moulsecoomb 0:25
All You Need Is Hove 3:54
Another Kid In Whitehawk 2:43
Another Kid In Whitehawk (with The Massed Voices of The Peoples Republic of Whitehawk)(Live at The Dome, Brighton, 25.3.2006) 3:05
Arty Farty Kemptown 2:18
Arty Farty Kemptown 2:58
Asdacadabra! (It's the Hollingbury Jezebels) 2:22
Believe (In Life After Hove) 2:45
Big Bum From Bevendean 1:12
Biznessman in Whitehawk 1:58
Biznessman in Whitehawk 1:40
Bloody East Street! 2:24
Brighton Rock 3:02
Brighton the Anthem 3:51
Brighton The Anthem (Let's see those lighters!)(Live at The Dome, Brighton, 25.3.2006) 3:59
Brighton the Anthem 2000 (Featuring Heavenly Penny Miller) 1:36
Brighton-By-The-Sea 2:27
Cheer Up Woodingdean 3:03
Crazy Little Hole Called Hove 1:57
Cycle Up Elm Grove 1:10
Dear Ed (feat. Dildo) (Live at The Dome, Brighton, 25.3.2006) 2:13
Don't Cry "Fuck Me! The Marina!" 2:51
Don't Yer? (Curly Your Wurly) 4:03
Dreamy Dreamy Woodingdeany 2:39
Eleanor Eubank 1:27
Falmer Stadium 2:59
Far Out Stanmer Park 1:00
Fartin' in the Wind 3:16
Five Ways 1:31
Five Ways 2:22
Foreplay Not Coldplay 1:27
Freaks Like Southwick 1:10
Go to Browns 3:05
God Save the Seven Dials 0:19
Goldstone Ground R.I.P. 3:00
Goodbye Bevendean 2:28
Gorgeous Burgess Hill 4:31
Gorgeous Burgess Hill 4:30
Gorgeous Burgess Hill (Live in Hassocks) 1:17
Groovy Groovy Worthing 2:27
Groovy Groovy Worthing (Ageist Remix) 2:19
Gutbuster 0:51
Hangleton Shmangleton 0:42
Hanover D. Versus Southwick Sober 2:16
Hanover Darling 1:24
Hanover Darling 1:56
Have You Seen Jack Russell? 2:12
Hovogue 3:15
Hovogue (Varicose Vein Version) 1:24
I Believe in Dockerills 0:54
I Believe in Dockerills (Builders Extension Remix) 1:49
I'm Not in Hove 3:23
I'm Not In Hove (Fully Merged Version) 3:31
I'm Not in Hove (Merger mix) 3:19
Infinity (The Collective mix) 2:12
Is It Cool in Lewes Road? 2:21
It Don't Matter 2:59
It's Not Bisexual (feat. Duke Mound) 1:56
It's Not Hollingbury 1:45
It's Not Unusual... It's Brighton! 2:14
Just Because 3:28
King Kong John 4:15
Let's Do Southwick 2:00
Lily The Telscombe Princess 2:41
London Road (Don't Go) 2:14
Lost in Whitehawk 2:15
Lost In Whitehawk (In-Yer-Pant Mix) 3:02
Louie Lewes 1:04
Love Hanover 2:39
Lovely Hollingbury 2:32
Madness at the Seven Dials 1:42
Mile Oak Ain't No Joke 0:37
Mile Oak Ain't No Joke 0:39
Montgomery Street 3:41
Moulescoomb - Govt. Health Warning 0:25
Mummy and Me 2:59
My Sweet Hove 2:50
No West Pier No Cry 4:20
Oh Lord! A House Up Dyke Road! 2:40
On the Front of the Argus 1:25
Patcham Wannabe 1:18
Patcham Wannabe 3:04
Pavilionion 2:40
Pay & Display (You're Nicked) 2:11
Portland Road to Falmer on the 25 2:10
Portslade Bollocks 2:23
Portslade Bollocks (Featuring The Norman Cook Male Voice Choir) 2:30
Preston Park (After Dark) 2:05
Preston Street Vindaloo 0:46
Pretty Woman up St James' Street 3:18
Pretty Woman Up St James' Street 3:04
Read It in the Argus 1:50
Read It In The Argus 2:23
Rock Gardens Joan 3:35
Rock Gardens Joan 3:29

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