Bill Runge

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member of: Powder Blues
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
The Fisherman's Lament
Everlasting Great Regret accordion and bass Shari Ulrich 3:35
Find Our Way bass Shari Ulrich 3:46
Girl on Fire baritone saxophone INXS 3:56
It's Alright bass Shari Ulrich 4:02
Life Goes On bass and piano Shari Ulrich 4:07
Living Water bass and piano Shari Ulrich 3:40
Now You're Gone bass Shari Ulrich 3:57
Rain Rain Rain electric bass guitar [electric bass] Shari Ulrich 4:21
Rolling River bass, piano and soprano saxophone Shari Ulrich 4:38
The Fisherman's Lament (Instr.) flute, organ, sopranino saxophone and tenor saxophone Shari Ulrich 4:34
What She Left For Us piano Shari Ulrich 2:57
Why Can't We Get Along bass Shari Ulrich 4:13
Party Line baritone saxophone [baritone] Powder Blues
Party Line alto saxophone [alto sax] Powder Blues
Thirsty Ears baritone saxophone [baritone sax] Powder Blues
instrument arranger
Everywhere I Go strings Shari Ulrich
Everywhere I Go French horn Shari Ulrich
The View From Here strings Shari Ulrich
Thirsty Ears horn Powder Blues