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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
21 Positions Aaron-Carl 3:07
Alright (Revival Mix) Aaron-Carl 5:39
As A Threat Aaron-Carl 3:09
Bittersoulfulsweet Intro Aaron-Carl 1:04
Body 2 Sweat Aaron-Carl 4:01
Bring It On Aaron-Carl 4:03
Brokedown Blues Aaron-Carl 4:14
Busted / Isuly (Emanuel Satie a cappella) / My House (The Word) (a cappella) (part of a “Defected in the House: Ibiza 2015” DJ‐mix) Robosonic / Spencer K & Matt Sassari / Aaron-Carl 3:24
Coming Out Story (B.I.T.C.H) Aaron-Carl 3:22
Crucified Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified Aaron-Carl 5:43
Crucified (Boddhi Satva's Ancestral Soul remix) Aaron-Carl 6:30
Crucified (Boddhi Satva's dub mix) Aaron-Carl 6:30
Crucified (Jason Brunton mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (Kris Wadsworth's Detroit Is Drowning remix) Aaron-Carl 7:40
Crucified (Maas 'Chi-Lite' mix) Aaron-Carl 6:41
Crucified (Maas 'Michigan Bass' Mix) Aaron-Carl 6:45
Crucified (Mass Michigan Bass mix) Aaron-Carl 7:01
Crucified (Quantec remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (Quantec remix) Aaron-Carl 7:37
Crucified (Quantec remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (Rod Modell Like a River remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (Veto mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (vocal) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (XDB edit) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (XDB edit) Aaron-Carl 3:22
Crucified (XDB Rainforest remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Crucified (XDB remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Dance Naked Aaron-Carl 6:45
Dance Naked Aaron-Carl 2 3:44
Dance Naked Aaron Carl 2:09
Dance Naked (part of a “NRJ Extravadance 6” DJ‐mix) Aaron-Carl 3:23
Dance Naked (a cappella) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Dance Naked (Ambassador remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Dance Naked (Club 69 a cappella) Aaron-Carl 9:37
Dance Naked (Club 69 a cappella) Aaron-Carl 2:05
Dance Naked (Club 69 Future Anthem) Aaron-Carl 2:15
Dance Naked (James Holden mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Dance Naked (James Holden remix) Aaron-Carl 5:13
Dance Naked (James Holden remix) Aaron-Carl 6:10
Dance Naked / Lawler's Drums Aaron-Carl / Steve Lawler 4:00
Definition of Love Aaron-Carl 1:31
Detrevolution (intro) Aaron-Carl 1:02
Dirtyfilthysexi Aaron-Carl 5:00
Diva's Chat Interlude Aaron-Carl feat. Stefan 1:00
Do or Die Aaron-Carl ?:??
Down Aaron-Carl 3:36
Down Aaron-Carl 2:29
Down Aaron-Carl 1:08
Down (DJ mix from "Electro Boogie") Aaron-Carl 2:07
Down (part of a “Defected in the House: Ibiza 2014” DJ‐mix) Aaron Carl ?:??
Down (Eastside mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Down (Electro mix) Aaron-Carl 3:18
Down (Electro mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Down (Techno Bass mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Down (The original) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Down Revisited Aaron-Carl 4:13
Drive (I-75) Aaron-Carl 3:31
Everything Aaron-Carl 5:31
Ex-Boyfriend (Revenge Is Sweet) Aaron-Carl 4:28
For the Money Aaron-Carl 2:59
Forbidden Aaron-Carl 5:48
Friday Night Fire Aaron-Carl 4:20
Get on the Bus Aaron-Carl 2:30
Ghetto Life Aaron-Carl 4:56
Ghetto Phone Call (interlude) Aaron-Carl 0:49
Hateful Aaron-Carl 5:05
Homoeretic Aaron-Carl 4:44
Homoerotic Aaron-Carl 4:44
Homoerotic Aaron-Carl 4:40
Homoerotic (Detroit mix Show Track) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Homoerotic (extended version) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Homoerotic (Gusgus Wild Pitz remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Homoerotic (GusGus Wild-Pitz remix) Aaron-Carl 6:17
Homoerotic (The Ultimate Seduction) Aaron-Carl ?:??
House Music (a cappella) Aaron-Carl ?:??
I Can Tell What My Heart Can Believe Aaron-Carl ?:??
I Refuse Aaron-Carl 5:17
I'm Not Free Aaron-Carl 5:19
If There Is A Heaven Aaron-Carl 5:19
If There Is A Heaven (Daniel Kyo Remix) Aaron-Carl 6:38
Interlude - Bambi Aaron-Carl 0:19
Interlude - Jennifer Aaron-Carl 0:20
Intro Aaron-Carl 0:40
Jada / Wallshaker (original 12-inch mix) Reboot / Aaron Carl 5:22
Just Like Aaron-Carl 3:18
Lady (That Girl) Aaron-Carl 3:26
Liberation (Free) Aaron-Carl 4:15
Liberation (reprise) Aaron-Carl 0:27
Lovestruck Aaron-Carl 6:36
Make Me Happy Aaron-Carl ?:??
Make Me Happy (remix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
Miracles Aaron-Carl 3:46
My House Aaron-Carl 0:40
My House Aaron-Carl 0:41
My House Aaron-Carl 3:52
My House (Dennis F mix) Aaron-Carl 5:22
My House (Doc Martin & Eddie Amador’s Wax dub) (part of a “Fabric 80: Joseph Capriati” DJ‐mix) Aaron-Carl 4:24
My House (Hollis P Monroe mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??
My House (Testimonial mix) Aaron-Carl ?:??

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