Óscar Araujo

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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
A Man of God
Back to the Present
Belmont's Theme
Besieged Village
Brotherhood Assault
Carmilla's Fight
Carmilla's Spell
Castle Hall
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (video game soundtrack)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (video game soundtrack)
Chaotic Battle
City in Flames
Credits I
Credits II
Descent to the Castle Dungeons
Dracula's Theme
Dying for a Drop of Blood
Enough Talk!
Final Confrontation
God's Chosen
Hunter and Prey
Hunting Path
Labyrinth Entrance
Laura's Mercy
Maze Gardens
Return to the Castle
Second Acolyte
The Dead Bog
The End
The Evil Butcher
The God Mask
The Ice Titan
The Lair of the Gorgon
The Last Battle (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)
The Paladin of God
The Power of Void
The Siege Titan
The Stronghold
The Swamp Troll
The Throne Room
The Toy Maker
The Warg (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)
Titanic Struggle (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2)
Toy Maker's Heart
Underground Forge
Void Power
Waterfalls of Agharta
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow taiko Óscar Araujo
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Óscar Araujo
A Man of God Óscar Araujo 1:51
Agharta Óscar Araujo 1:26
Belmont's Theme Óscar Araujo 2:53
Besieged Village Óscar Araujo 4:23
Brotherhood Assault Óscar Araujo 2:48
Carmilla Óscar Araujo 2:03
Carmilla Óscar Araujo 2:06
Carmilla's Fight Óscar Araujo 5:29
Carmilla's Spell Óscar Araujo 4:48
Castle Hall Óscar Araujo 4:09
Castlevania Óscar Araujo 3:23
Chaotic Battle Óscar Araujo 4:30
City in Flames Óscar Araujo 3:01
Cornell Óscar Araujo 4:12
Descent to the Castle Dungeons Óscar Araujo 3:52
Dracula's Theme Óscar Araujo 1:59
Dying for a Drop of Blood Óscar Araujo 3:47
Final Confrontation Óscar Araujo 6:09
God's Chosen Óscar Araujo 2:25
Hunter and Prey Óscar Araujo 5:28
Hunting Path Óscar Araujo 2:28
Labyrinth Entrance Óscar Araujo 3:17
Laura's Mercy Óscar Araujo 1:38
Maze Gardens Óscar Araujo 3:18
Satan Óscar Araujo 6:02
The Dead Bog Óscar Araujo 2:31
The End Óscar Araujo 5:47
The Evil Butcher Óscar Araujo 4:10
The God Mask Óscar Araujo 1:18
The Ice Titan Óscar Araujo 4:12
The Last Battle Óscar Araujo 1:27
The Paladin of God Óscar Araujo 1:09
The Power of Void Óscar Araujo 1:01
The Siege Titan Óscar Araujo 5:15
The Swamp Troll Óscar Araujo 5:03
The Throne Room Óscar Araujo 4:31
The Toy Maker Óscar Araujo 5:15
The Warg Óscar Araujo 3:26
Waterfalls of Agharta Óscar Araujo 2:45
Don't Work (techno)