4, 5 and 6Jackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Prestige (American jazz label)LP 7048[none]
Jackie's PalJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Prestige (American jazz label)LP 7068
Lights Out!Jackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Prestige (American jazz label)LP 7035
McLean's SceneJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Esquire Records (UK jazz)32-141
Mal/2Mal Waldron with Jackie McLean, John Coltrane, Idrees Sulieman, Sahib Shihab , and Bill Hardman12" Vinyl6
Prestige (American jazz label)PRLP 7111
McLean's SceneJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
New JazzNJLP 8212
New SoilJackie McLean12" Vinyl5
Blue NoteBLP 4013
Swing, Swang, Swingin'Jackie McLean12" Vinyl7
Blue NoteBLP 4024
Capuchin SwingJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBLP 4038
Jackie's BagJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBLP 4051
A Fickle SonanceJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBLP 4089
BluesnikJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBST 84067
Inta Somethin'Kenny Dorham & Jackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Pacific Jazz (1957-70, World Pacific imprint)PJ 41
One Step BeyondJackie McLean12" Vinyl4
Blue NoteBST 84137[none]
VertigoJackie McLean(unknown)11
''Let Freedom Ring''Jackie McLean(unknown)4
  • -1963
Destination... Out!Jackie McLean12" Vinyl4
Blue NoteBLP 4165
The DealersMal Waldron with John Coltrane / Jackie McLean / Paul Quinichette / Frank Wess12" Vinyl4
Status RecordsST 8316[none]
It's Time!Jackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue Note4179
JacknifeJackie McLean(unknown)5
Right Now!Jackie McLean12" Vinyl4
Blue NoteBLP 4215
ActionJackie McLean12" Vinyl5
Blue NoteBLP 4218
New and Old GospelJackie McLean12" Vinyl3
Blue NoteBST 84262
’Bout SoulJackie McLean12" Vinyl5
Blue NoteBST 84284
Demon's DanceJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBST 84345
AltissimoGary Bartz, Lee Konitz, Charlie Mariano, Jackie McLean12" Vinyl7
The Meeting, Volume 1Jackie McLean feat. Dexter Gordon12" Vinyl4
The Source, Volume 2Jackie McLean feat. Dexter Gordon12" Vinyl4
AntiquityJackie McLean & Michael Carvin12" Vinyl9
JacknifeJackie McLeanVinyl10
Blue NoteLA457-H2
A Ghetto LullabyJackie McLean12" Vinyl5
Inner City Records (US jazz)IC 2013[none]
The Jackie McLean QuintetJackie McLeanVinyl6
  • -1977
Blue Note
HipnosisJackie McLean Quintet12" Vinyl5
Blue Note
Doctor Jackyll and Mister FunkJackie McLean12" Vinyl2
RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)PC 1575
ConsequenceJackie McLean(unknown)6
Blue NoteLT-994
Street SingerJackie McLean & Tina Brooks12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteGXF 3067
VertigoJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue Note Classic (Blue Note US series active in 1979-81)LT-1085
Tippin' the ScalesJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBST 84427077778442714
It's About TimeMcCoy Tyner & Jackie McLean12" Vinyl6
  • US1985-04-06
Blue NoteBT 85102
Jackie's BagJackie McLean12" Vinyl6
Blue NoteBST 84051
New Wine in Old BottlesJackie McLean With The Great Jazz TrioCD6
  • JP1986-04-21
East Wind32JD-1094988011500190
Let Freedom RingJackie McLean12" Vinyl4
Blue NoteBST 84106
New York CallingJackie McLean & The Cosmic BrotherhoodCD6
Jackie's BagJackie McLeanCD9
Blue NoteCDP 7 46142 2077774614221
Live at MontmartreJackie McLean QuartetCD5
BluesnikJackie McLeanCD8
Blue NoteCDP 7 84067 2
DynastyJackie McLean QuintetCD10
Lights Out!Jackie McLeanCD6
Original Jazz Classics, Prestige (American jazz label)OJCCD-426-2, P-7035025218642620
Rites of PassageJackie McLeanCD10
Triloka Records188-2
4, 5 and 6Jackie McLeanCD6
Original Jazz ClassicsOJCCD-056-2
Right NowJackie McLeanCD5
  • -1991
Blue NoteCDP7842152077778421528
Makin' the Changes (OJC -> Prestige -> New Jazz labeled)Jackie McLeanCD6
New JazzOJCCD-197-2 (NJ-8231)025218619721
Rhythm of the EarthJackie McLeanCD8
Antilles314 517 075-2731451707520
Tune UpJackie McLean QuartetCD6
SteepleChaseSCCD 36023
The Jackie Mac Attack LiveJackie McLeanCD6
The Complete Blue Note 1964-66 Jackie McLean SessionsJackie McLean4×CD8 + 8 + 8 + 8
Mosaic Records (US jazz reissues)MD4-150
The Jackie McLean QuintetJackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1994-05-25
Blue NoteTOCJ-41164988006695832
AntiquityJackie McLean & Michael CarvinCD9
SteepleChaseSCCD 31028716043102822
Montmartre Summit 1973Jackie McLean & Dexter Gordon2×CD6 + 7
SteepleChaseSCD 37001/2
Tippin' the ScalesJackie McLeanCD9
Blue NoteCDP 7 84427 2077778442721
4, 5 and 6Jackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1996-05-29
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-2069
Lights Out!Jackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1996-05-29
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-2056
Jackie's PalJackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1996-07-03
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-2078
McLean's SceneJackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1996-07-03
New JazzVICJ-2094
A Long Drink of the BluesJackie McLeanCD4
  • JP1996-09-28
New JazzVICJ-2103
Alto MadnessJackie McLean & John JenkinsCD6
  • JP1996-09-28
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-2123
Jackie McLean & Co.Jackie McLeanCD5
  • JP1996-09-28
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-2100
Makin' the ChangesJackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1996-09-28
New JazzVICJ-2102
Strange BluesJackie McLeanCD5
  • JP1996-09-28
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-2101
New and Old GospelJackie McLeanCD3
  • US1996-11-05
Hat TrickJackie McLean Meets Junko OnishiCD9
Swing, Swang, Swingin'Jackie McLeanCD7
  • US1997-06-17
Blue NoteCDP 7243 8 56582 2 8724385658228
Fire and LoveJackie McLean SeptetCD7
Fire & LoveJackie McLeanCD9
Blue Note7243 4 93254 2 5724349325425
’Bout SoulJackie McLeanCD6
Blue NoteCDP 7243 8 59383 2 0
A Long Drink of the BluesJackie McLeanCD4
  • JP1999-11-20
New JazzVICJ-60431
McLean's SceneJackie McLeanCD6
  • JP1999-12-16
New JazzVICJ-60451
A Fickle Sonance (RVG Edition)Jackie McLeanCD6
Blue Note7243 5 24544 2 6724352454426
Street SingerJackie McLean & Tina BrooksCD6
  • JP2000-01-26
Blue NoteTOCJ-660804988006778368
Nature BoyJackie McLeanCD8
  • US2000-02-01
Blue Note5232732724352327324
A Fickle SonanceJackie McLeanCD6
  • US2000-09-12
Blue Note853593
VertigoJackie McLeanCD11
Blue Note7243 5 22669 2 0
4, 5 and 6 ((Edition limited to 10,000 copies, NOT the RVG remaster))Jackie McLeanCD6
Prestige (American jazz label)PRCD-7048-2025218482424
Rhythm of the EarthJackie McLeanDigital Media8
  • DE2002-04-16
Dreyfus Jazz
The Jackie McLean QuintetJackie McLeanCD6
  • JP2002-06-26
Ad Lib RecordsTOCJ-9428
Capuchin SwingJackie McLeanCD6
  • XW2002-08-27
Blue Note7243 5 40033 2 5724354003325
JacknifeJackie McLeanCD5
Blue Note7243 5 40535 2 8
Jackie's BagJackie McLeanCD9
  • US2003-01-28
Blue Note7243 5 42303 2 5724354230325
The Jackie Mac Attack LiveJackie McLeanDigital Media6
  • DE2003-09-29
Dreyfus Jazz
Destination... Out!Jackie McLeanCD4
Blue NoteTOCJ-95554988006811867
Right Now!Jackie McLeanCD5
  • US2004-03-09
Blue Note7243 5 90844 2 8724359084428
ActionJackie McLeanCD5
  • US2004-06-29
Blue Note96499
Destination... Out!Jackie McLean(unknown)4
  • US2004-08-10
Prestige Profiles ((This is for the single CD, not the 2 CD set))Jackie McLeanCD8
Prestige (American jazz label)PRCD-5806-2025218580625
The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 32: Swing to Bebop, Modern JazzDizzy Gillespie, Phil Woods, Jackie McLean & Donald Byrd, The Jazz Messengers4×CD10 + 10 + 6 + 8
  • DE2005-08-29
Membran Music Ltd.222788-3824011222228000
Jackie McLeanJackie McLeanCD8
  • -2005-10-25
Prestige (American jazz label)PRCD-5709-2602498770771
ConsequenceJackie McLeanCD6
Blue Note11428094631142826
It's Time!Jackie McLeanCD6
  • US2006-06-06
Blue Note0946 3 58286 2 7094635828627
4, 5 and 6Jackie McLeanCD6
  • JP2006-06-21
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-41546
A Long Drink of the BluesJackie McLeanCD4
  • JP2006-06-21
New JazzVICJ-41547
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