Murray McLauchlan (canadian singer-songwriter)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Louisa Can't Feed Another Child 5:31
Love Can Make Ya 4:15
Love Comes and Goes 4:20
Love Just Can't Tell Time CAT241600406 4:00
Love With a Capital "L" CAE158800044 3:24
Maybe Tonight CAT247400086 4:01
Maybe Tonight (live, 1975-04-26: Rebecca Cohn Theatre, Halifax, NS, Canasa) 4 4:20
Me and Joey 5:03
Merry Go Round CAT240801685 3:46
Met You At The Bottom 5:03
Midnight Break 5:11
Moonlighting 3:10
Mr. Music 2:33
My Imaginary Tree 3:34
My Martini CAT241600408 2:24
My Wildest Dreams 3:30
Nassau Town 3:28
Never Did Like That Train CAT248300277 3:56
No Change in Me CAT249600045 3:52
No Defence 3:50
No Man's Land 4:50
No Time Together Today 3:34
Now I'm Blessed 3:24
Old Man's Song CAT247200046 3:27
Old Man's Song (live, 1975-04-26: Rebecca Cohn Theatre, Halifax, NS, Canasa) 4 3:40
On the Boulevard CAT247600108 3:56
On The Subject Of Loneliness 4:05
On Your Last Go Round 3:08
One Night By My Window 3:43
One Night By My Window (live, 1975-04-26: Rebecca Cohn Theatre, Halifax, NS, Canasa) 3 4:42
One Who's in the Past 2:55
Out Past the Timberline CAT248300285 4:23
Painting Floors 5:43
Paradise 5:38
Path of the Moon CAT240701581 3:30
Pick Yourself Up CAT241600405 2:38
Pickin' Up Mary Lou 3:58
Playin' Your Emotions CAT240701580 3:28
Please Don't Call It Runnin' Away 3:47
Poor Boys 3:42
Put Something on the Flames 3:52
Quiet Places to Come Home To 3:20
Ragged Hobo Bums 4:02
Railroad Man 3:37
Ranchero's Lament 2:44
Red River Flood CAT248300281 3:51
Revelations CAT247300064 4:44
Rock 'n' Roll 4:40
Rockin' on the Sea 3:43
Run Away to Sea 4:51
Rye Whiskey (live, 1975-04-26: Rebecca Cohn Theatre, Halifax, NS, Canasa) 3 2:05
Sayonara Maverick 4:40
Secrets in Your Heart 5:34
Ship in the Night 3:11
Shoeshine Workin' Song CAT247400085 5:23
Six For Five 3:41
Sixteen Lanes of Highway CAT247100024 5:29
Slingback Shoes 3:47
Smoke on the Wind 4:00
So Far From You (live, 1975-04-26: Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax, NS, Canada) CAT247500092 3:54
So I Lost Your Love 3:41
Somebody That You Used to Love 5:04
Somebody's Long Lonely Night 3:46
Song for Captain Keast 3:09
Start Again 4:07
Storybook Love 3:48
Straight Outa Midnight 3:29
Stranger 4:57
Sunshine and Shadow 4:17
Suppertime in the Milltown 4:14
Sweeping the Spotlight Away CAT247400090 4:44
Sweet Song of Asia 3:02
Swinging on a Star CAE158800043 3:37
Takin' My Leave 2:54
Tell Your Mother She Wants You 4:13
Ten People on the Sidewalk 5:59
Ten Thousand Miles From Shore 3:41
The Fool Who'd Watch You Go 4:53
The Last Great War 4:39
The Love That I Feel for You 3:27
The Luckiest Guy CAT241600407 1:57
The Man Who Sings the Blues 2:57
The Modern Age 5:15
The Natural State 3:05
The Next in Line 4:23
The Second Half of Life CAT241600413 3:28
Then Where Would I Be 3:36
To the End of the Road 4:17
Train Song CAT247600105 5:37
Try Walkin' Away CAT248000180 3:55
Trying To Stop The Sun From Going Down 4:44
Two Bit Nobody 4 3:38
Two-Bit Nobody (live, 1975-04-26: Rebecca Cohn Theatre, Halifax, NS, Canasa) 3 4:47
Well Well Well 4:01
What Would Bogey Do? 2:53
When I Was Down 4:36
When the Taxman Comes 3:02
When The Time Takes Love Away 3:43
When You Become a Memory 3:59
When You're at the Top CAT241600414 3:05

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