Dan W. Quinn (Early American recording artist)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Hot Time In The Old Town ?:??
A Pipe Dream ?:??
Adapted From the French ?:??
Algy, the Girls' Delight ?:??
All I Want Is My Black Baby Back ?:??
At a Georgia Camp Meeting ?:??
Best in the House Is None Too Good for Reilly ?:??
Come On Over Here, It’s a Wonderful Place ?:??
Couldn't Help It, Had To ?:??
Darktown Is Out To-Night ?:??
Dig Away, Dempsey, Dig Away ?:??
Dolly's Mamma's ?:??
Fairy Tales ?:??
Father, Won't You Speak to Sister Mary? ?:??
Finnigan ?:??
Gingerbread Doll ?:??
Glorious Beer ?:??
Good Morning, Carrie ?:??
He Ain't No Relation of Mine ?:??
He Whistled Up a Tune ?:??
Her Gentleman Friend ?:??
Hey Flanigan, Hello ?:??
High School Girls ?:??
His Little Wife Was With Him All the Time ?:??
How could Washington be a married man and never, never tell a lie? ?:??
I Couldn't Do a Thing to You ?:??
I Don't Like Dat Face You Wear ?:??
I Happened to Be There ?:??
I Love You, My Love, I Do ?:??
I Want to Be a Military Man ?:??
I Want to Go to Morrow ?:??
I'm Livin' Easy ?:??
I'm Not Particular ?:??
I'se Gettin' Up a Watermelon Party ?:??
I've Got Him Dead ?:??
I’ve heard about the nights of Columbus ?:??
If I Catch the Guy Who Wrote “Poor Butterfly” ?:??
If I Only Had a Job ?:??
Jolly Fellows Waltz ?:??
Kill It, Babe ?:??
Little Tommy Murphy ?:??
Ma Caroline ?:??
Mammy's Little Dinah ?:??
Mary Ann McCue ?:??
More Work for the Undertaker ?:??
My African Queen ?:??
My Baby From Boston Town ?:??
My Honolulu Lady ?:??
My Jersey Lily ?:??
My Rainbow Bride ?:??
Nancy Hogan's Ball ?:??
Nothing's Too Good for the Irish ?:??
Oh, Society ?:??
Oh, Wouldn't That Jar You ?:??
On Sunday Night, It Was Barney McHugh ?:??
On the Party Line ?:??
On the Road to Mandalay ?:??
One Good Term Deserves Another ?:??
Our Language as It's Spoken ?:??
P.S., Mr. Johnson Sends Regards ?:??
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead ?:??
Pumping the Pump, Pump, Pump ?:??
Reggy, the Reigning Rage ?:??
Roxiana Dooley ?:??
She's a Thoroughbred ?:??
She's Getting More Like the White Folks Every Day ?:??
Simple Little Sister Mary Green ?:??
Since Ma Hair Turned Red ?:??
Smoky Mokes ?:??
Soldiers in the Park, March Song ?:??
Strike Up the Band, Here Comes the Sailor ?:??
The Band Played On ?:??
The Midnight Son ?:??
The Stuttering Coon ?:??
The Tattooed Man ?:??
The Wreck of the Maine ?:??
Uncle Sam, Why Do You Keep Us Waiting? ?:??
Up Came Johnnie With His Camera ?:??
Vaudeville Specialty, No. 2 ?:??
What Would Your Answer Be? ?:??
What's the Matter With Maudie? ?:??
When a Coon Sits in the Presidential Chair ?:??
When Mister Shakespeare Comes to Town ?:??
When Reuben Comes to Town ?:??
Whistling Rufus ?:??
Why Don't the Band Play? ?:??
Why Don't You Get a Lady of Your Own? ?:??
You Can't Keep a Good Man Down ?:??
You Don't Handle 'Nuff Money for Me ?:??

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