Dan W. Quinn (Early American recording artist)

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1892Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow‐WowDan Quinn1
1893The BoweryDan Quinn1
1893Daisy BellDan Quinn2
1894Lindley, Does You Love Me?Dan Quinn1
1894My Pearl is a Bowery GirlDan Quinn2
1894And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her BackDan W. Quinn3
1895The Band Played OnDan W. Quinn1
1896A Hot Time in the Old TownDan W. Quinn1
1898Ma CarolineDan W. Quinn1
1898At a Georgia Camp MeetingDan W. Quinn2
1898Fairy TalesDan W. Quinn1
1898Father, Won't You Speak to Sister Mary?Dan W. Quinn1
1898High School GirlsDan W. Quinn1
1898The Tattooed ManDan W. Quinn1
1898The Wreck of the MaineDan W. Quinn1
1898Uncle Sam, Why Do You Keep Us Waiting?Dan W. Quinn1
1898What Would Your Answer Be?Dan W. Quinn1
1899Adapted From the FrenchDan W. Quinn1
1899Algy, the Girls' DelightDan W. Quinn1
1899All I Want Is My Black Baby BackDan W. Quinn1
1899Best in the House Is None Too Good for ReillyDan W. Quinn1
1899Couldn't Help It, Had ToDan W. Quinn1
1899Darktown Is Out To-NightDan W. Quinn1
1899Dig Away, Dempsey, Dig AwayDan W. Quinn1
1899Dolly's Mamma'sDan W. Quinn1
1899FinniganDan W. Quinn1
1899Gingerbread DollDan W. Quinn1
1899Glorious BeerDan W. Quinn1
1899He Whistled Up a TuneDan W. Quinn1
1899Her Gentleman FriendDan W. Quinn1
1899He Ain't No Relation of MineDan W. Quinn1
1899Hey Flanigan, HelloDan W. Quinn1
1899His Little Wife Was With Him All the TimeDan W. Quinn1
1899I Couldn't Do a Thing to YouDan W. Quinn1
1899I Happened to Be ThereDan W. Quinn1
1899I Don't Like Dat Face You WearDan W. Quinn1
1899I Love You, My Love, I DoDan W. Quinn1
1899I Want to Go to MorrowDan W. Quinn1
1899If I Only Had a JobDan W. Quinn1
1899I'm Livin' EasyDan W. Quinn1
1899I'm Not ParticularDan W. Quinn1
1899I'se Gettin' Up a Watermelon PartyDan W. Quinn1
1899I've Got Him DeadDan W. Quinn1
1899Kill It, BabeDan W. Quinn1
1899My Honolulu LadyDan W. Quinn1
1899Mammy's Little DinahDan W. Quinn1
1899Mary Ann McCueDan W. Quinn1
1899My African QueenDan W. Quinn1
1899My Baby From Boston TownDan W. Quinn1
1899My Rainbow BrideDan W. Quinn1
1899Nancy Hogan's BallDan W. Quinn1
1899Nothing's Too Good for the IrishDan W. Quinn1
1899On the Road to MandalayDan W. Quinn1
1899Oh, SocietyDan W. Quinn1
1899On Sunday Night, It Was Barney McHughDan W. Quinn1
1899Our Language as It's SpokenDan W. Quinn1
1899P.S., Mr. Johnson Sends RegardsDan W. Quinn1
1899Pat Malone Forgot That He Was DeadDan W. Quinn1
1899Reggy, the Reigning RageDan W. Quinn1
1899Roxiana DooleyDan W. Quinn1
1899Soldiers in the Park, March SongDan W. Quinn1
1899She's a ThoroughbredDan W. Quinn1
1899Since Ma Hair Turned RedDan W. Quinn1
1899Smoky MokesDan W. Quinn1
1899The Stuttering CoonDan W. Quinn1
1899The Midnight SonDan W. Quinn1
1899Up Came Johnnie With His CameraDan W. Quinn1
1899What's the Matter With Maudie?Dan W. Quinn1
1899When a Coon Sits in the Presidential ChairDan W. Quinn1
1899Whistling RufusDan W. Quinn1
1899Why Don't You Get a Lady of Your Own?Dan W. Quinn1
1899You Don't Handle 'Nuff Money for MeDan W. Quinn1
1900Pumping the Pump, Pump, PumpDan W. Quinn1
1900Oh, Wouldn't That Jar YouDan W. Quinn1
1900Strike Up the Band, Here Comes the SailorDan W. Quinn1
1900Vaudeville Specialty, No. 2Dan W. Quinn1
1900Jolly Fellows WaltzDan W. Quinn1
1900One Good Term Deserves AnotherDan W. Quinn1
1901More Work for the UndertakerDan W. Quinn1
1901You Can't Keep a Good Man DownDan W. Quinn1
1901When Reuben Comes to TownDan W. Quinn1
1901My Jersey LilyDan W. Quinn1
1901I Want to Be a Military ManDan W. Quinn1
1901A Pipe DreamDan W. Quinn1
1901Little Tommy MurphyDan W. Quinn1
1901Why Don't the Band Play?Dan W. Quinn1
1901She's Getting More Like the White Folks Every DayDan W. Quinn1
1901Good Morning, CarrieDan W. Quinn1
1901When Mister Shakespeare Comes to TownDan W. Quinn1
1901Simple Little Sister Mary GreenDan W. Quinn1
1917Come On Over Here, It’s a Wonderful Place / IndianaDan Quinn / Wm. Schafer1
1917On the Party Line / If I Catch the Guy Who Wrote “Poor Butterfly”Dan W. Quinn1
1918How could Washington be a married man and never, never tell a lie? / I’ve heard about the nights of ColumbusDan W. Quinn1

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