Alias (Brendon Whitney - Hip Hop - Anticon)

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collaborator on: Alias & Tarsier
legal name: Brendon Whitney
member of: Anticon
Deep Puddle Dynamics
So-Called Artists
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Crumble additional, guitar family and membranophone Sage Francis 2:00
Subsong guest Jel 6:04
Body of Work B. Dolan 4:41
Border Crossing B. Dolan 5:00
Earthmovers B. Dolan 3:04
Economy of Words (Bail It Out) B. Dolan 3:03
Escape Artist Sage Francis 4:16
Fall of T.R.O.Y. B. Dolan feat. P.O.S, Cadence Weapon 3:55
Fifty Ways to Bleed Your Customer B. Dolan 3:25
Kitchen Sink B. Dolan 3:43
Leaving New York B. Dolan 4:15
Marvin B. Dolan 3:47
Message Sent Sage Francis 4:20
Mr. Buddy Buddy B. Dolan 3:15
Product Placement Sage Francis 2:16
Sea Lion Sage Francis 3:01
The Hunter B. Dolan 4:06
The Reptilian Agenda B. Dolan 4:52
9:24 Cigarette (version 2) Alias & Tarsier 5:16
Alienation Lali Puna 4:33
Alienation (Alias remix) Lali Puna 4:32
Clue Lunz 5:08
Clue (Alias remix) Lunz 5:18
Crush Lucky Pierre 4:52
Exodus Damage John Vanderslice 4:58
Gangster of Disbelief (remixed by Alias) Themselves 3:24
Given Ground Giardini di Mirò 4:24
Given Ground (Alias remix) Giardini di Mirò 4:24
Into the Trees 13 & God 4:00
Into the Trees (remix by Why? and Alias) 13 & God 4:03
Karmic Retribution/Funny Sticks Sixtoo 6:46
Marsh of Epidemics (Alias remix) Christ. 6:20
Pachuca Sunrise (Alias remix) Minus the Bear 4:19
Stay Awake Boy in Static 4:20
Stay Awake (Alias remix) Boy in Static ?:??
What You Gave Away The One AM Radio 4:48
What You Gave Away (Alias remix) The One AM Radio 4:42
Misguided guest Styrofoam feat. Valerie Trebeljahr + Alias 4:15
Survived Another Winter guest and lead vocals B. Dolan feat. Prolyphic, Alias, Sage Francis 7:19