Pere Ubu

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1978The Modern DancePere Ubu4.512
1978Dub HousingPere Ubu4.359
1979New Picnic TimePere Ubu45
1980The Art of WalkingPere Ubu36
1982Song of the Bailing ManPere Ubu43
1988The Tenement YearPere Ubu4
1989CloudlandPere Ubu4
1991Worlds in CollisionPere Ubu3
1993Story of My LifePere Ubu2
1995Ray Gun SuitcasePere Ubu44
1998PennsylvaniaPere Ubu2.53
2002St. ArkansasPere Ubu3.53
2006Why I Hate WomenPere Ubu3
2009“Long Live Père Ubu!”Pere Ubu with Sarah Jane Morris2
2013Lady From ShanghaiPere Ubu1
2014Carnival of SoulsPere Ubu4
201720 Years in a Montana Missile SiloPere Ubu1
2019The Long GoodbyePere Ubu2
2022SundayPere Ubu1

Album + Compilation

1985Terminal TowerPere Ubu4.55
1996Datapanik in the Year ZeroPere Ubu42
2015Elitism for the People 1975–1978Pere Ubu2
2016Architecture of Language 1979–1982Pere Ubu1
2016The Hearpen Singles 1975–1977Pere Ubu1
2016Coed Jail!Pere Ubu1
2017Drive, He Said 1994–2002Pere Ubu2
2018Les Haricots sont pas salés 1987–1991Pere Ubu2
2022Nuke the Whales 2006–2014Pere Ubu1

Album + Live

1981390 Degrees of Simulated Stereo: Ubu Live, Volume 1Pere Ubu5
1989One Man Drives While the Other Man ScreamsPere Ubu2
1999Apocalypse NowPere Ubu2
2000The Shape of ThingsPere Ubu1
2009London★TexasPere Ubu1
2012ManhattanPere Ubu2
2013Live at the Longhorn April 1, 1978Pere Ubu1
2020By Order of Mayor Pawlicki (live in Jarocin)Pere Ubu3
2021In the Shadow of the Aeronautical Shot Peening Co.: Live at the Pirate’s Cove, June 2nd 1977Pere Ubu1
2021On the Beach: 1978Pere Ubu1
2021Théâtre 140: 1978Pere Ubu1
2021Vancouver, Robson Square Theater: 1979Pere Ubu1
2021Conde Duque: The Long Goodbye 16.01.2020Pere Ubu1
2021Road to URGH! Pere Ubu, 8.15.1980Pere Ubu1
2021Walking in Bremen: 1981Pere Ubu1
2021Fiddler on the Desk: 1989Pere Ubu1
2021Taking Shape: 76Pere Ubu1
2021On the Road to the Lost Album: 1991Pere Ubu1
2021Sidewalks of Texas: 1980Pere Ubu1
2021Oh, Pennsylvania, I Do Remember Thee: 1998Pere Ubu1
2021Band on the Wall: 2013Pere Ubu1
2021MUBUC5Pere Ubu feat. Wayne Kramer1
2022Wish There Was More BugsPere Ubu1
2022The Lost BandPere Ubu1

Album + Remix

2006Why I Remix WomenPere Ubu1


197530 Seconds Over TokyoPere Ubu2
1976Final Solution / Cloud 149Pere Ubu1
1976Street WavesPere Ubu1
1979The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)Pere Ubu1
1980Datapanik in the Year Zero‐APere Ubu1
1988Talk to MePere Ubu1
1988We Have the TechnologyPere Ubu2
1989BreathPere Ubu2
1989Waiting for Mary (What Are We Doing Here?)Pere Ubu1
1991I Hear They Smoke the BarbecuePere Ubu3
1995Folly of Youth See Dee PlusPere Ubu1
1996Beach Boys See Dee +Pere Ubu1
2021The Radio Shall Set You FreePere Ubu1
Love, Love, LovePere Ubu1

Single + Compilation

1995The Hearpen SinglesPere Ubu1


1978Datapanik in the Year ZeroPere Ubu1

Broadcast + Compilation + Live

2022On the Air: Petit UbuPere Ubu1

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