The Light (UK trance duo)

~ Group


members: John Ross (UK trance/techno producer)
Joe Williams (UK trance DJ/producer)
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Wikipedia: en: Proper Filthy Naughty [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
The Journey (The Light mix) Loveclub 8:47
Fibonacci Sequence (remix) co BT 9:53
Angels Landing (The Light’s Voodoo vocal mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Dance Nation 5” DJ-mix) Salt Tank 4:11
Belfast (Sasha vs. the Light remix) Orbital 3:33
Comin' Back (The Light's Southern Grit mix) The Crystal Method 7:48
Comin’ Back (The Lights Southern Grit mix edit) The Crystal Method 8:10
Fibonacci Sequence (The Light remix) BT 10:24
Karmaflage (The Light remix) ManMadeMan 4:39
Purple (Sasha vs. The Light) (part of “Paul Oakenfold: Tranceport” DJ-mix) GusGus 8:15
Touched by God (The Light mix) Katcha 3:57
Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (The Light mix) Voices of Kwahn A.D. 7:55
Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (The Light remix) (part of “Nick Warren: Global Underground 008 Brazil” DJ-mix) Voices of Kwahn A.D. 8:32