MASA (Game soundtrack artist working for KOEI)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Rock and Roll Over MASA 2:41
Rough Play MASA 0:56
Rough Play Ver.2 MASA 1:04
Run, Run, Run MASA 1:50
Sacred Ground MASA 2:39
Sacred Ground Ver.2 MASA 2:27
Slash the Demon MASA 2:59
Straight Ahead MASA 3:29
Struggle for Existence MASA 5:31
Struggle for Existence MASA 5:31
Superior MASA 1:24
Superior (DW S2H mix) MASA 1:23
Thanks for Your Play MASA 0:08
The Ancient Heroes MASA 3:07
The Battle Without Justice MASA 3:43
The Bringer of War MASA 2:44
The Elegy of the Battle MASA 1:35
The Entrance MASA 0:48
The Entrance MASA 0:48
The Force Field MASA 1:26
The Man Named Dragon MASA 1:45
The Most Dangerous Way MASA 1:46
The Seventh Hardship MASA 3:56
The Seventh Hardship MASA 3:56
The Two Heroes MASA 2:41
The Verge of Despair MASA 4:18
The Verge of Despair MASA 4:18
The Woman From Hell MASA 2:46
Theme of Lu Bu -DW Fire mix- MASA 3:32
Theme of Lu Bu -DW Prime mix- MASA 2:18
Theme of Lu Bu (DW Big Fat mix) MASA 2:45
Theme of Lu Bu (DW Fire mix) MASA 3:32
Theme of Lu Bu (DW S2H mix) MASA 1:56
Theme of Lu Bu (DW Terrible Mix) MASA 2:00
Theme of Lubu~Beat Mix~ MASA 5:04
THX 4 Your Play MASA 0:08
Thx 4 Your Play -DW China mix- MASA 0:07
THX 4 Your Play -DW Prime mix- MASA 0:04
THX 4 Your Play (DW S2H mix) MASA 0:09
Trail of Death MASA 4:07
Tyrant MASA 1:48
Uncanny Calling Elemint feat. MASA 2:47
Under Pressure MASA 1:48
Victory is Now on Sale! MASA 1:25
Victory Jubilee MASA 0:09
Victory Jubilee -DW China mix- MASA 0:10
Victory Jubilee -DW Prime mix- MASA 0:32
Victory Jubilee (DW China mix) MASA 0:10
Victory Jubilee (DW S2H mix) MASA 0:11
Victory Jubilee Ver.2 MASA 0:08
Victory Jubilee~DW Beat Mix~ MASA 0:34
Wallcrusher MASA 2:00
Xtreme Legend MASA 0:33
Yellow Storm MASA 1:45
Yellow Storm Ver.2 MASA 1:41
エメラルドの海 ver.2 MASA 2:19
優勢・IF GAIN MOMENTUM MASA JPD101300060 2:13
勝利 VICTORY JUBILEE -DW 7th MIX- MASA JPD101300098 0:11
呂布のテーマ THEME OF LU BU -DW 7th MIX- MASA JPD101300006 3:11
官渡奔走戦 IN FULL BLOOM MASA JPD101300018 4:21
死亡 DEATHBLOW -DW 7th MIX- MASA JPD101300007 0:09
董卓誅滅戦 THE WOMEN FROM HELL MASA JPD101300016 2:45
黄巾結集戦 IGNITION MASA JPD101300015 2:40

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