MASA (Game soundtrack artist working for KOEI)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Against All Odds MASA 1:20
Against All Odds Ver.2 MASA 1:15
Ambition to Take Over MASA 4:22
And Again to the Battlefield MASA 1:57
Are You Ready? MASA 1:28
Avenging Battle MASA 4:30
Avenging Battle MASA 4:29
Beyond the Horizon MASA 3:06
Blast From the East MASA 2:07
Chaotic World MASA 1:11
Chase the Wave MASA 2:06
Choose One MASA 2:30
Crush'em All MASA 3:26
Cry for Wind MASA 3:22
Cry for Wind MASA 3:22
Dance Macabre MASA 2:22
Dancing Wizard MASA 4:47
Dark Angel MASA 4:54
Dark Angel MASA 4:54
Deathblow MASA 0:09
Deathblow -DW China mix- MASA 0:09
Deathblow -DW Prime mix- MASA 0:07
Deathblow (DW China mix) MASA 0:10
Deathblow (DW S2H mix) MASA 0:09
Deathblow Ver.2 MASA 0:07
Deathblow~DW Beat Mix~ MASA 0:29
Dynasty Warriors MASA 1:03
Elements of Lu Bu MASA 0:31
Endless Fight MASA 1:49
Escape from Hell MASA 3:34
Exotic Traitors MASA 2:32
Farewell to... MASA 2:44
Farewell to... MASA 2:41
Fireball MASA 1:15
Friend or Foe MASA 0:38
Friend or Foe MASA 0:37
Gain Ground MASA 3:19
Gain Ground MASA 3:18
Gain Momentum MASA 2:14
Glare at the World MASA 1:43
Gravity MASA 2:02
Gravity Ver.2 MASA 2:00
Heavy Gauge MASA 3:49
Heavy Gauge MASA 3:49
Here We Go MASA 1:03
Here We Go MASA 1:03
Hero Paean MASA 1:26
Hurry Up MASA 1:00
IF戦闘・呉1 ENDLESS FIGHT MASA JPD101300039 1:51
IF戦闘・晋1 MY BAD FELLOW MASA JPD101300083 3:25
IF戦闘・蜀1 HEAVY GAUGE MASA JPD101300062 3:49
IF戦闘・魏1 INTERCEPTOR MASA JPD101300012 3:36
IF戦闘・魏2 AGAINST ALL ODDS MASA JPD101300013 1:22
Ignition MASA 2:40
In Full Bloom MASA 4:21
In Full Bloom MASA 4:21
Interceptor MASA 3:36
Interceptor MASA 3:36
Irritation MASA 3:21
Isolation MASA 3:21
Jump Into the Battlefield MASA 1:55
Jump Into the Battlefield Ver.2 MASA 2:00
Killing Time MASA 1:47
Killing Time Ver.2 MASA 1:27
Legend of the Man MASA 1:28
Legends MASA 0:10
Let Me Complete Readiness MASA 2:48
Limit of Ability MASA 1:59
Limit of Ability MASA 1:58
Look Back on Your Way MASA 2:05
Look Back on Your Way MASA 2:04
Main Theme of DW7 MASA 1:34
March of Destruction MASA 3:59
Massacre Theatre MASA 4:09
Memories of Heroes MASA 2:01
My Bad Fellow MASA 3:25
My Bad Fellow MASA 3:25
My Own Country MASA 1:45
Number N MASA 1:47
Officer Factory MASA 1:06
Officer Factory MASA 1:06
Opening -DW Prime mix- MASA & 小池雅人 1:05
Opening -DW Steel mix- MASA 1:12
Opening (DW Ancient mix) MASA 0:45
Opening (DW Bros. mix) MASA 0:56
Opening (DW Emergency Mix) MASA 0:40
Opening (DW S2H mix) MASA 1:16
Opening (DW Steel mix) MASA 1:12
Opening of Fierce Battle MASA 3:38
Opening Theme MASA 2:02
Oppression MASA 1:32
Oppression Ver.2 MASA 1:37
Over the Blue Dragon MASA 1:32
Parade of Death MASA 3:57
Parade of Death MASA 3:56
Path of Life ~Circuit~ MASA 3:02
Path of Life ~Circuit~ (instrumental) MASA 2:59
Path of Life ~Symphonia~ MASA 3:09
Rhythm Box MASA 0:21
Rhythm Section MASA 1:01

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