Sandro Russo

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Andante in B-Flat (arr. of the Sonata K.377/L.263) 3:22
Capriccio in E (arr. of the Sonata K.20/L.375) 2:38
Duettino 1:41
Etude VI: Esercizio Per Pianoforte (Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti) 3:34
Gigue (arr. of the Sonata K.523/L.490) 2:31
Homage to Domenico Scarlatti (Based on the Sonata L.104) 2:46
Hommage À Domenico Scarlatti (Allegro) 3:23
Pastorale (arr. of the Sonata K.446/L.433) 4:42
Scherzo in F (arr. of the Sonata K.525/L.188) 2:29
Sonata in C (arr. of the Sonata K.488/L.205) 2:50
Sonata in the Style of Domenico Scarlatti, Op.788 4:06
Sonata No.5 in F: Allegretto (arr. of the Sonata K.541/L.120) 4:31
Sonata No.7 in G: Allegretto Sentimentale (arr. of the Sonata K.102/L.89) 2:28
Sonata No.12 in D: Adagio (arr. of the Sonata K.534/L.11) 3:32
Sonata No.15 in D: Allegro Alla Toccata (arr. of the Sonata K.553/L.425) 2:29
Sonata No.18 in G: Allegro Molto (arr. of the Sonata K.547/L.S28) 2:17
Sonata No.19 in A: Andantino Mosso (arr. of the Sonata K.109/L.138) 5:52
Sonata No.20 in A: Allegro Impetuoso (arr. of the Sonata K.211/L.133) 2:50
Toccata Alla Scarlatti 3:07

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