Emmanuel Top

~ Person

Also performs as: Bagdad, Karlos Mendez, Kong (Emmanuel Top), Nevada Kid, Sigrid (Emmanuel Top)


Unspecified type

1994Acid PhaseEmmanuel Top1
ToneEmmanuel Top1


1995ReleaseEmmanuel Top2
1996AsteroidEmmanuel Top2
2010Attack Records IntegralEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack IEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack IIEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack IIIEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack IVEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack VEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack VIEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack VIIEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack VIIIEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack IXEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack XEmmanuel Top1
2013PerceptionsEmmanuel Top1
2013Musiques Pour AscenseurEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack XIEmmanuel Top1
2013Soundtrack XIIEmmanuel Top1
2014OriginEmmanuel Top1
2014Glitter and IllusionsEmmanuel Top1

Album + Compilation

1997The CollectionEmmanuel Top41
2002Best OfEmmanuel Top4
2011Specials 'Phase One'Emmanuel Top2
2011FondamentalEmmanuel Top1
2011SpacetimeEmmanuel Top1
2011Specials 'Phase Two'Emmanuel Top1


1994This Is a…? / Acid PhaseEmmanuel Top2
1994LobotomieEmmanuel Top1
1994Ecsta-dealEmmanuel Top2
1994So Cold / Play It LoudEmmanuel Top1
1995Climax V 1.1Emmanuel Top1
1995Fly-ToxEmmanuel Top1
1995StressEmmanuel Top2
1996Spherique [Sferik]Emmanuel Top2
1996So Cold / RubyconEmmanuel Top1
1999Turkish Bazar 2000 (Thomas P. Heckmann Remixes)Emmanuel Top1
2001Detune My FortuneEmmanuel Top1
2002Acid PhaseEmmanuel Top3
2002OrionBBE vs. Emmanuel Top1
2011IdealismEmmanuel Top1
2011Turkish Bazar (Remixes)Emmanuel Top1
2018ReduxEmmanuel Top1


1994Turkish BazarEmmanuel Top8
2011Cyclic / FluxEmmanuel Top1
2014Reflections On A Bygone AgeEmmanuel Top1
2014Strict Respect of a Black SoundEmmanuel Top1
2014The Impostor Of The CarouselEmmanuel Top1
2014GuerrerosEmmanuel Top1
2014Moroccan CouscousEmmanuel Top1
2018This Is Cocaine Remix PackEmmanuel Top1
2018ReduxEmmanuel Top1

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