Gothic Storm (production music library [GOTHIC#])

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2012Massive RocktronicaGothic Storm2
2012Epic Emotional PianoGothic Storm2
2013Epic SpeedGothic Storm1
2014Heroes of SportGothic Storm1
2014Epic Emotional ElectronicaGothic Storm1
2014Epic Emotional RockGothic Storm1
2014Gothic ActionGothic Storm1
2014Gothic Action RockGothic Storm1
2014Gothic Action ElectronicaGothic Storm1
2015Epic Emotional AmbienceGothic Storm1
2015Dragons and KingsGothic Storm3
2015Look to the StarsGothic Storm1
2016Miracle of LifeGothic Storm1
2017Dragons and Kings (Hybrid Edition)Gothic Storm1
2017Stories of Hope (Indie Rock Edition)Gothic Storm1
2017Dragons and Kings (EDM Edition)Gothic Storm1
2017Epic Emotional StringsGothic Storm2
2018Slow BurnersGothic Storm1
2018Dark FantasyGothic Storm1
2018Quest: Epic AdventureGothic Storm1
2018Cosmos: Cinematic Space VoyageGothic Storm1
2018Rebirth: Majestic Emotional StringsGothic Storm1
2018Heroes of the ApocalypseGothic Storm1
2018Stories of Hope (Ambient Electronica Edition)Gothic Storm1
2018Epic Emotional PercussionGothic Storm1
2018Epic StepGothic Storm2
2018Epic Speed (Percussion)Gothic Storm2
2018Gothic Action PercussionGothic Storm1
2018Epic Speed MetalGothic Storm2
2019Gothic HorrorGothic Storm1
2019Exciting SynthtopiaGothic Storm1
2019Glorious Adventure ThemesGothic Storm1
2020Trailerized ClassicalGothic Storm1
2020Event Movie - Tentpole BlockbustersGothic Storm1
2020Immeasurable HopeGothic Storm1
2020Trailerized GospelGothic Storm1
2020Cello InvestigationsGothic Storm1
2020Sweeping Fantasy AdventureGothic Storm1
2020Epic Choral Stab RevivalGothic Storm1
2020Heartbreakers - Love in a Time of StruggleGothic Storm1
2020Orchestral Romp!Gothic Storm1
2021Enigma - Emotional Chamber ThrillersGothic Storm1
2021Neoclassical DangerGothic Storm1
2021Dragon Rising - Epic East AsiaGothic Storm1
2021Epic Emotional Piano 3Gothic Storm1
2021Vocoder TranscendenceGothic Storm1
2021Places in Time - Key Moments in HistoryGothic Storm1
2021The Second Melodic DawnGothic Storm1
2022Enigma Part 2 - Deeper Cello InvestigationsGothic Storm1
2022Hannutopia - The Musical World of Hannu HonkonenGothic Storm1
2022Vikings & Celts - Warriors of the Ancient NorthGothic Storm1

Album + Compilation

2012Rockestral EuphoriaGothic Storm2
2014Epic EmotionalGothic Storm1
2015Epic Winter Wonderland (Piano Edition)Gothic Storm1
2015Epic Winter Wonderland (Orchestral Edition)Gothic Storm1

Album + Soundtrack

2018Family AdventureGothic Storm1
201813 Trailer HeroesGothic Storm1
2018Awe (Electro Hybrid Edition)Gothic Storm1
2018AWE (Orchestral Edition)Gothic Storm1
2018AWE (Rock Edition)Gothic Storm1
2018Stories of Hope (Orchestral Edition)Gothic Storm1
2018Prestissimo - High BPM Classical HybridGothic Storm1
2018Uplift - Heartwarming DramaGothic Storm1
2019Modern Majestic BuildsGothic Storm1
2019WondermentGothic Storm1
2019Dark Fantasy IntrosGothic Storm1
2019Neoclassical Disturbia - Music For Unraveling MindsGothic Storm1
2019Dark MagicGothic Storm1
2019The Melodic DawnGothic Storm1


2018Epic Orchestral EuphoriaGothic Storm2
2018Epic Electro EuphoriaGothic Storm2

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