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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian Chris Tilton
The Incredibles: The Game additional Michael Giacchino
A Clash of Assassins
A Leap of Faith
A Mystery of Violence
A New Day in the Old Town
A Sneaking Sense of Liberty
A Tale of Sim Cities
A Tale of Sim Cities Night Mix
All Along the Bell Towers
All in a Decade's Work
Analytics Night Mix
Arno’s Return
Artifacts and Poles
Battle Royale
Belle of the Balloon
Bells and Missiles
Breach Party
Breach to the Choir
Brown Betty Suite
Building the Foundation
Building the Foundation Night Mix
Carpark Face-Off
Cautionary Tale
Chase by Chase Basis
Church and Destroy
Clean Build of Health
Clear Skyscrapers
Clear Skyscrapers Night Mix
Connecting the Fringe-cidents
Courtyard Clash
Devastation Nation
Doppelganger Up on Reality
Double Down
Doubled Over
Everyone Loves a Catfight
Feeling Tense
Final Confrontation
Follow My Lead
Forest of Dreams
Give My Regards to Fraudway
Going Mental
Good Evening and Good Night
Good Ol' Charlie
Griffin's Story
Gurney for Your Thoughts
Haste Makes Wasteland
Home Sweet Home
Hypnotic Suggestions
I Like My Pole
Innocent or Guillotine
Island Jumper
Jumper Main Theme
Jumper? I Hardly Know Her!
Just Jabbin
Keeping Up With the Jones
Living in Infrastructure
Living in Infrastructure Night Mix
Love and Death on Observer Island
Love in the Time of Crossing Over
Masters of the Multiverse
Metropolis Made Easy
Metropolis Made Easy Night Mix
Monarch Enemy
Nepal Monastery
Network Breach
Nothing Is True
Now That's Just Nicked Up
Observers Everywhere Everytime
Off with Their Heads
Olivia's Cross to Share
On Father’s Watch
Origins of a Revolution
Ou La Mort
Over There
Paladins in the Colosseum
Path to Roland
Peace Is a Temporary State
Population 1
Population 1 Night Mix
Put Your Mind at Elise
Quibbles and Fits
Rambaldi's Infernal Machine
Red City Lights
Red Russian Down
Reiden Out the Storm
Reiden Out to Madness
Sanford and Shunned
Sark Attack
Saved by the Belly
She's So Money (And She Doesn't Even Know It)
Sim City Theme
Sim City Trailer
Simultaneous Combustion
Slo-Mo Walk in the Rain
Sneaky Sloane
Syd's a Beautiful Baby
The Approach
The Attainted One
The Bottle of Solitude
The Building Theft
The Coma-naut
The Final Target
The Frame Game
The Hard Cell
The Long Construction
The Long Construction Night Mix
The Ol' False Bookcase Ploy
The Son Also Rises
The Window of Opportunity
There's More Than One of Everything
They Have Swords and Stuff
To Your Stealth
Tokyo Dockside
Town and Out
Town and Out Night Mix
Urban Sprawler
Urban Sprawler Night Mix
Versailles for Sore Eyes
Waltz des Thunes
Welcome to the Brotherhood
Welcoming Committee
What a Gas
Where Dunham Fears to Tread
World's Worst Bathroom
Fringe: Season 2 Chris Tilton
A Long Ride Ahead Michael Giacchino 3:56
AT‐ACT Assault Michael Giacchino 2:55
Cargo Shuttle SW‐0608 Michael Giacchino 4:00
Confrontation on Eadu Michael Giacchino 8:06
Guardians of the Whills Suite Michael Giacchino 2:53
He’s Here for Us Michael Giacchino 3:20
Hope Michael Giacchino 1:38
Jedha Arrival Michael Giacchino 2:48
Jedha City Ambush Michael Giacchino 2:19
Jyn Erso & Hope Suite Michael Giacchino 5:52
Krennic’s Aspirations Michael Giacchino 4:16
Rebellions Are Built on Hope Michael Giacchino 2:56
Rogue One Michael Giacchino 2:05
Scrambling the Rebel Fleet Michael Giacchino 1:33
Star‐Dust Michael Giacchino 3:47
The Imperial Suite Michael Giacchino 2:30
The Master Switch Michael Giacchino 4:03
Trust Goes Both Ways Michael Giacchino 2:45
When Has Become Now Michael Giacchino 1:59
Wobani Imperial Labor Camp Michael Giacchino 0:55
Your Father Would Be Proud Michael Giacchino 4:52
Fringe: Season 2 Chris Tilton
Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian Chris Tilton
Star Trek additional Michael Giacchino
Star Trek additional Michael Giacchino
Star Trek: Music From the Motion Picture additional Michael Giacchino
The Family Stone Michael Giacchino
The Incredibles: The Game Michael Giacchino
Aftermath Class (Alias, Season 2) additional
Alias (2001 television score) additional
Almost Two Years (Alias, Season 2) additional
Balboa and Clubber (Alias, Season 2) additional
Courtyard Clash
Do I Have to Do Another Eulogy? (Alias, Season 2) additional
Emily's Eulogy (Alias, Season 2) additional
Final Confrontation
Fond Memories (Alias, Season 2) additional
Going Down? (Alias, Season 2) additional
Griffin's Story
Hitting the Fan (Alias, Season 2) additional
I'm So Demoted (Alias, Season 2) additional
I'm So Promoted (Alias, Season 2) additional
I'm So Screwed (Alias, Season 2) additional
Inferno (Alias, Season 2) additional
Island Jumper
Jumper Main Theme
Jumper? I Hardly Know Her!
Mother of a Mother (Alias, Season 2) additional
Nepal Monastery
Network Breach
On the Train (Alias, Season 2) additional
Over the Edge (Alias, Season 2) additional
Paladins in the Colosseum
Path to Roland
Peace Is a Temporary State
Post A-Mortem (Alias, Season 2) additional
Rabat (Alias, Season 2) additional
Sarkavator (Alias, Season 2) additional
Slo-Mo Walk in the Rain
Sloane's Revelation (Alias, Season 2) additional
Something Fishy (Alias, Season 2) additional
Syd's Best Alias Yet (Alias, Season 2) additional
Sydney Implores Dixon (Alias, Season 2) additional
Tokyo Dockside
Welcoming Committee
Fringe: Season 2 Chris Tilton
Fringe: Season 2 Chris Tilton