Vangelis (Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Love Theme From Bladerunner Vangelis 5:03
Love Theme From Bladerunner Vangelis 5:32
Love Theme From Bladerunner Vangelis 3:49
Love Theme From Bladerunner Vangelis / Gutbrod 5:45
Love Theme From Bladerunner (part of “Chilled Ibiza” DJ-mix) Vangelis 4:33
Love Theme From Bladerunner (part of a “Cafe Mambo Ibiza ’99” DJ‐mix) Vangelis 4:39
Love Theme Frome Blade Runner (Gutbrod remix) Vangelis 5:34
Luz de luna Vangelis 1:01
Ma Dove Sei' Vangelis ?:??
Mail From India Vangelis GBUM70711352 3:27
Mail From India Vangelis 3:34
Main Sequence Vangelis GBARL7500009 8:10
Main Theme From ''1492 - Conquest Of Paradise'' Vangelis 6:09
Main Theme From ''Sauvage et Beau" Vangelis 3:26
Main Theme From 'Missing' Vangelis 4:00
Main Theme From 'Missing' Vangelis ?:??
Main Theme From "Sex Power" Vangelis 3:14
Main Theme From “Antarctica” (Odyssey digital remaster) Vangelis NLF050390176 3:52
Main Theme From “Cavafy” Vangelis 2:49
Main Theme From “Chariots of Fire” (Odyssey digital remaster) Vangelis NLF050390202 3:31
Main Theme From “Missing” Vangelis 2 4:04
Main Theme From “Missing” Vangelis NLF050390208 3:57
Main Theme From Missing Vangelis 3:58
Main Title Vangelis 2:56
Main Titles Vangelis GBAHS0104432 5 3:42
Main Titles Vangelis 4:18
Main Titles Vangelis 0:48
Main Titles (alternative edit) Vangelis 3:42
Main titles (Blade Runner) Vangelis 3:42
Main Titles (Blade Runner) (from continuous mix "60 Min's of Mo'Wax Shit") Vangelis ?:??
Main Titles (from Chariots of Fire) Vangelis 3:32
Main Titles [1994 version] Vangelis 3:48
Main Titles & Prologue Vangelis 2:37
Main Titles and Prologue Vangelis 4:02
Main Titles Theme Vangelis 1:29
Main Titles: Hispaniola Vangelis 3:35
Malibuzios Vangelis & Suzane Cianni 8:45
Mallia Kouvaria - Τι Έναs Μπέρδεμα (What a Mess) Vangelis 1:28
Manhatten Serenade Vangelis 3:05
March With Me Montserrat Caballé feat. Vangelis 3:49
March With Me Vangelis & Montserrat Caballé 3:44
March With Me Vangelis 3:49
March With Me Montserrat Caballé & Vangelis 3:49
Mare Tranquilitatis I: The Dragon Vangelis ?:??
Mare Tranquilitatis II: Alpha Vangelis ?:??
Mare Tranquillitatis Vangelis GBARL7500008 4 1:47
Mare Tranquillitatis Vangelis 1:36
Marina Vangelis ?:??
Marine Vangelis & George Romanos 2:28
Mechanical Dolls Vangelis 2:52
Mechanical Dolls Vangelis 3:18
Mechanical Dolls Vangelis 2:56
Mechanical Dolls Vangelis ?:??
Mein Kampf Vangelis 0:19
Memories of Blue Vangelis GBAHS9601044 5:40
Memories of Blue Vangelis 5:21
Memories of Blue Vangelis 5:28
Memories of Blue Vangelis 5:23
Memories of Blue Vangelis 5:40
Memories of Green Vangelis NLF058090001 5:05
Memories of Green Vangelis NLA028000100 2.5 5:47
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:43
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:27
Memories of Green Vangelis 4 5:35
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:22
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:35
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:26
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:04
Memories of Green Vangelis 5:46
Memories Of Green Vangelis ?:??
Memories of Green (Film version) Vangelis 1:01
Memories of Green (Film Version) Vangelis 1:00
Memories of Green/Blade Runner Blues (Film edit) Vangelis 5:00
Memories of Home Vangelis 1:17
Memory of Antarctica Vangelis 5:30
Memory of Antarctica Vangelis 5:05
Memory of Antarctica Vangelis 5:30
Memory of Antarctica Vangelis 4:28
Memory Outside Time - Ancient Sounds Vangelis 8:07
Men Against the Sea Vangelis 0:33
Men in the Forest Vangelis 0:59
Menousis Vangelis FRUM77800067 6:39
Message Vangelis 7:13
Messages Vangelis GBAHS9500496 7:40
Metallic Rain Vangelis 6:11
Metallic Rain Vangelis 6:21
Metallica Rain Vangelis 6:15
Millions de siècles Vangelis 2:52
Mirage Vangelis 1:23
Miss Salome and the Snake Vangelis 1:22
Missing Vangelis 3:59
Missing Vangelis 3:55
Missing Vangelis 4:29
Missing Vangelis ?:??
Missing (guitar) Vangelis 3:43
Missing: Theme Vangelis 4:21
Mission Accomplie (Rosetta’s Waltz) Vangelis GBUM71603880 2:13
Monasterio de la Rabida Vangelis 4:26
Monasterio de la Rabida, Part II: Psalmus Vangelis 2:12
Monastery Vangelis 3:39

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