Name ISRCs Rating Length
Beating the Prisoner to Death, Death Throes 1:30
Chopping and Hacking Up the Body 0:33
Cosmic Lunacy 2:26
Crunching the Bones 0:13
Digging the Grave 0:47
Forest of Oz 2:48
Gluttony and Belching From Satisfied Monsters 0:49
Growling, Snarling, Slobbering Monster in Chains, Maniacal Laughter 0:52
Honing the Light Sabre 0:24
Jane Screaming in Agony 0:17
Laser Arrows 0:23
Lugging the Body Upstairs / Heavy Breathing 0:31
Lunar Quicksand 0:53
Martian Graveyard 3:25
Monster's Bash 1:23
Plutonian Ice Caves 1:48
Sawing Off It's Leg 0:28
Scream! 0:09
Sharpening the Pendulum Axe 0:22
Stalactite and Stalagmite 0:20
Tightening the Thumbscrews 0:18
Tumblers in Time 1:41
Two Headed Monster Devouring Raw Flesh 0:59
Victim Doesn't 0:14
Werewolf at Midnight 0:33
Witches and Demons Enjoy It 0:30

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