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Mpemba Effect is the latest groove machine in the African Cream Music stable. Inkolo is their debut album, with a fresh sound to go with their quirkily selected name. It’s a fitting name for an outfit that combines an African sound with the very latest in modern urban grooves produced with the latest studio technology. The young studio warriors that make up Mpemba Effect are two talented South African producers, Gavan Eckhart and Garrick van der Tuin.

The story of the Mpemba Effect provides a dramatic parable cautioning scientists and teachers against dismissing the observations of non-scientists and making quick judgments about what is impossible.

A Tanzanian high school pupil named Erasto B. Mpemba noticed during a cookery class in 1969 after freezing hot ice cream, that hot water freezes faster cold water. Mpemba shared his discovery with a visiting physics professor, Dr. Denis Osborne, and together they published their rediscovery of Aristotlean physics: that hot water freezes faster than cold water under certain conditions.

This contradiction is captured in the music of Mpemba Effect - a blend of Pan-African elements with modern urban grooves. It has down-tempo urban lounge feel with ethnic sounds and African rhythms, cafe lounge, urban vibes. The result is a vibrant journey that seamlessly moves through hypnotic rhythms and heartfelt melodies and lets you find the science of chilling that lies within.
It’s an album that you can listen to, relax to and also dance to.

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Year Title RatingReleases
2007 Ambient Afrique 1

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