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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
7 Emcees E-Roc feat. MG! The Visionary & Smoke 5:32
Avalanche E-Roc 3:57
B-Boy Jubilee E-Roc 3:50
Birthright E-Roc feat. Playdough 3:54
Brave Rhymers E-Roc feat. BPM 4:10
Chaos Midnight Orchestra feat. Prophetics, Man of War, E-Roc & Colson 3:07
Christian Emcee, What? E-Roc 2:56
Dead Man Walking E-Roc feat. Playdough 3:40
Ear to the Track E-Roc feat. Playdough & Vex 3:43
Ear to the Track E-Roc feat. Vex 3:45
Fatheads Say Hi There E-Roc 0:55
Frequencies (remix) E-Roc feat. Freddie Bruno & Ill Harmonics 3:39
Funke Christian E-Roc feat. Sup the Chemist 4:10
Hi Ho Silver E-Roc feat. Ill Harmonics 4:05
Hip Hop Synopsis E-Roc feat. Phoenetic Composition 4:18
Ill Calls (interlude) E-Roc 0:55
Illradiation E-Roc feat. Earthsuit & Ill Harmonics 4:18
Illradiation E-Roc feat. Earthsuit & Ill Harmonics 4:20
Internet Critic (interlude) E-Roc 2:40
Intro E-Roc 1:38
Mad Prophets E-Roc feat. Brainwash Projects, XL, Dynamic Twins, K2S & C.O.G. 4:21
Mama Phat Sag (interlude) E-Roc 0:25
Megaton Bombs E-Roc 3:49
Mista Smoka E-Roc 4:27
Modern Day Cannibals E-Roc feat. Prophetics & Sackcloth Fashion 3:09
Old School E-Roc feat. Tim Miner, Kindred & Cindy Cruse Ratcliff 4:25
R&B Boy Cipher (interlude) E-Roc 1:48
Rising Sons Mr. Tru, Man of War, E-Roc 3:58
Rising Sons E-Roc feat. Man of War & Sackcloth Fashion 4:00
Rising Sons (world beat remix) Sackcloth Fashion feat. E-Roc ?:??
Rock of All Ages (Chizmatonic remix) E-Roc 3:51
Rock Rock E-Roc feat. P.O.D. 4:29
Rockstar E-Roc 3:27
Rockstar Intro E-Roc 1:28
Rockstars E-Roc feat. BPM, Freddie Bruno & Ill Harmonics 4:03
Shotgunz & Scriptures E-Roc 4:10
Sodom and Gomorrah (remix) E-Roc feat. Boogiemonsters 4:03
Space Cadets E-Roc feat. Freddie Bruno, Phat K.A.T.S. & Teknowledgee 3:54
Space Cowboy E-Roc 3:39
The Battle E-Roc feat. Tom Slick 3:15
The Lost Book of Rock (interlude) E-Roc 1:43
Victor Rancho (interlude) E-Roc 2:33
Words We Play E-Roc feat. Playdough 3:53

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