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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Video Games Live: Level 5 Video Games Live
Psychonauts: Original Soundtrack Peter McConnell
11 O'Clock Is a Direction (Brütal Legend)
A Creature Shall Rise (Brütal Legend)
Ah, the Theater! (Psychonauts)
At the Bridge (Broken Age)
At the Gate (Broken Age)
Awash in Ale, but Nary a Mug
Battle at Shellmound (Broken Age)
Beauty and the Bull (Psychonauts)
Betrayed (Brütal Legend)
Black Velvetopia (Psychonauts)
Blades of Serenity (Brütal Legend)
Blue Casket Bop
Blue Casket Bop - Alt Solo
Blue Hector
Bobby Zilch and Sasha (Psychonauts)
Bone Wagon
Bonita's Tragic Muse (Psychonauts)
Broken Age (video game soundtrack)
Broken Age ("Broken Age", from Broken Age)
Brütal Legend (video game soundtrack)
Bunk Time (Psychonauts)
By the Lighthouse
Call Me Linda (Psychonauts)
Casino Calavera
Cloud Colony Arrival (Broken Age)
Coach's Welcome (Psychonauts)
Coaxing Meche
Costume Quest (video game soundtrack)
Costume Quest Main Theme (Costume Quest)
Domino’s in Charge
Don Copal
Dr. Loboto's Evil Plans (Psychonauts)
Dr. Loboto's Lab (Psychonauts)
Dropping In (Broken Age)
Duel With the Critic (Psychonauts)
Emotional Baggage (Psychonauts)
End of the Asylum (Psychonauts)
Face the Cupcakes (Broken Age)
Fall Valley Carnival and Farm
Fall Valley Maze and Mall Dark Side
Farewell Lola
Gambling Glottis
Gather This Great Army (Brütal Legend)
Girlfriend (Brütal Legend)
Gloria's Secret Garden (Psychonauts)
Grim Fandango (video game soundtrack)
Grim Fandango (Grim Fandango)
Hagatha's Home (Psychonauts)
Happy Flowers (Psychonauts)
Hector Steps Out
Hello Space (Broken Age)
Hero (Broken Age)
Hi‐Tone Fandango
High Roller
In the Lobby
In the Situation Room (Broken Age)
Intro (Grim Fandango)
Lamancha Sub - Crushed
Lamprey Attack (Brütal Legend)
Ledge Peckers
Let's Build a Bomb (Broken Age)
Lili Kidnapped (Psychonauts)
Los Angelitos
Los Angelitos
Lost in the Petrified Forest
Lost Souls' Alliance
Lost Souls' Alliance - Alt Solo
Love Found and Lost (Psychonauts)
Maidens' Feast (Broken Age)
Mall Monster X Mas
Maloruna Rises (Broken Age)
Manny & Meche
Manny’s Office
March in the Clouds (Broken Age)
March of the Inmates (Psychonauts)
March of the Psychonauts (Psychonauts)
Marek and the Thrushmaster (Broken Age)
Marek Revealed (Broken Age)
Mayan Train Station
Meadow Flowers
Miner's Room and Factory Hub
Mog Chothra (Broken Age)
Mr. Frustration Man
My Patron (Psychonauts)
Neon Ledge
New Worlds (Broken Age)
Ninth Heaven
Nuevo Marrow
On the Roof
One Last Chance
Operation Dandelion (Broken Age)
Out on the Hull (Broken Age)
Pile of Skulls (Brütal Legend)
Playing with a Full Deck
Psychonauts (video game soundtrack)
Psychonauts Theme Medley (Psychonauts)
Pull up a Chair
Raoul Appears
Raptor's Veld (Brütal Legend)
Rescue From the Sea of Tears (Brütal Legend)
Rise Up, Milkman (Psychonauts)
Rising Sun (Broken Age)
Ruins (Brütal Legend)
Sasha's Immaculate Mind (Psychonauts)
Sea of Black Tears (Brütal Legend)
Shay in Shellmound (Broken Age)
Shay's Secret Mission (Broken Age)
She Sailed Away
Shellmound Festival (Broken Age)
Smooth Hector
Spirit of Bladehenge (Brütal Legend)
Stay Out of the Moonlight (Psychonauts)
Suburbia Cemetery and Park
Suburbia Game Intro, Part 1
Summer's End (Psychonauts)
Sunken Lola
Swanky Maximino
Tabletop Battles
Talking Limbo
Temple Gate
The Arena Awaits
The Big Kiss (Brütal Legend)
The Catwalk Phantom (Psychonauts)
The Censors Unleashed (Psychonauts)
The Chosen Roadie (Brütal Legend)
The End? (Brütal Legend)
The Enlightened Florist (Grim Fandango)
The Factory Explosion (Broken Age)
The Fathers (Psychonauts)
The Final Battle (Broken Age)
The Lola Zapata
The Lumberjack's Cabin (Broken Age)
The Lungfish Lair (Psychonauts)
The Matador (Psychonauts)
The Meat Circus (Psychonauts)
The Milkman Conspiracy (Psychonauts)
The Pleasure Tower (Brütal Legend)
The Spider's Lair (Brütal Legend)
The Wild Bull Run/El Odio (Psychonauts)
The World Is a Better Place (Psychonauts)
This Elevator Is Slow
Thunderhorn (Brütal Legend)
Time to Break the Chains (Brütal Legend)
Time to Get Up, Little Spaceman (Broken Age)
Title and End Credits (Psychonauts)
Top O' the Lungfish (Psychonauts)
Tricks of the Trade
Trouble With Carla
Two Rogues, One Mark
Vella Wakes (Broken Age)
Vella's Mission (Broken Age)
Walk under the Stars (Broken Age)
Was That a Dream? (Psychonauts)
Was That East or West? (Broken Age)
Welcome to Meriloft (Broken Age)
Whispering Rock (Psychonauts)
Winterland Suburban Houses
Psychonauts: Original Soundtrack Peter McConnell
Broken Age: Original Soundtrack (1st version, no longer offered.) electric violin, guitar family, mandolin, violin family and woodwind Peter McConnell
Psychonauts: Original Soundtrack acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion and violin Peter McConnell
liner notes
Psychonauts: Original Cinematic Score Peter McConnell
Psychonauts: Original Soundtrack Peter McConnell
Girlfriend (Brütal Legend)
Blue Casket Bop Peter McConnell 1:10
Blue Hector Peter McConnell 1:59
Bone Wagon Peter McConnell 1:28
Casino Calavera Peter McConnell 1:06
Coaxing Meche Peter McConnell 1:09
Compañeros Peter McConnell 1:08
Domino Peter McConnell 1:08
Domino’s in Charge Peter McConnell 1:02
Don Copal Peter McConnell 1:00
Gambling Glottis Peter McConnell 2:11
Hector Steps Out Peter McConnell 0:56
Hi‐Tone Fandango Peter McConnell 1:22
High Roller Peter McConnell 1:43
Los Angelitos Peter McConnell 0:59
Lost Souls’ Alliance Peter McConnell 2:08
Manny & Meche Peter McConnell 2:17
Manny’s Office Peter McConnell 1:15
Mr. Frustration Man Peter McConnell 2:19
Neon Ledge Peter McConnell 1:07
Ninth Heaven Peter McConnell 1:17
Nuevo Marrow Peter McConnell 1:27
Raoul Appears Peter McConnell 0:18
Rubacava Peter McConnell 1:07
Scrimshaw Peter McConnell 0:53
She Sailed Away Peter McConnell 0:21
Smooth Hector Peter McConnell 2:00
Swanky Maximino Peter McConnell 2:15
Talking Limbo Peter McConnell 0:54
Temple Gate Peter McConnell 1:43
The Enlightened Florist Peter McConnell 1:25
This Elevator Is Slow Peter McConnell 1:02
Trouble With Carla Peter McConnell 1:07
Psychonauts: Original Cinematic Score Peter McConnell
Psychonauts: Original Soundtrack Peter McConnell