Midas (Ultima Online parody artist)

~ Artist



Name ISRCs Rating Length
50 Ways to Loot Another 2:28
Can't Get Enough of Your Loot 3:42
Chain Lightning Crashes 2:22
Don't Bank So Close to Me 1:50
Don't Hurry, Be Laggy 2:50
Don't Smack Me Down 2:52
Going to Trammel 3:00
Hey Dewd 2:55
Just a Thief Ya Know / I Will Loot Your Body 3:14
Loot Take Boogie 2:10
Message in a Bottle 4:04
Move It Away 2:22
Newbie Lewt 1:25
Origin: Mine 2:05
Prepatchday 1:46
R0xx0r 2:45
Ultima Online 2 1:57
We Will Roxxu (Cpt. Ebolter's Corp Por mix) 1:23
Ye Ooo Ooo Ooo, Bwa Ha Ha Ha 3:05

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