Gerard Cousins (Guitarist)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Gift (by Robert Jacob) 3:42
A Sad Pavan Forbidding Mourning 4:03
A Short Verse for Edward Thornburgh 1:35
Amanda's Delight 3:43
Assyrian Game 2:54
Canco de Lladre by Miguel Llobet (free) 2:08
Canticle from Around the Round Ground by Takashi Yoshimatsu 5:09
Cantus Tintinnabulous (Homage to Arvo Part) 4:20
Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega 5:34
Chant by John Tavener 14:15
Crossing Water Alone 10:50
Dafydd a Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock) 3:16
El Noi de la Mare by Miguel Llobet 3:06
El Testament de Amelia by Miguel Llobet 2:41
Elystan 3:14
Fantasia on Ar Lan y Mor 11:37
Gwahoddiad (Arglwydd Dyma Fi) 3:13
Hika in memorium Toru Takamitsu by Leo Brouwer 8:38
Hiraeth 2:51
In the Grip, Part 1 (Homage to Philip Glass) 3:04
In the Grip, Part 2 (Homage to Philip Glass) 3:59
July 18 4:14
Lisa Lan 4:14
Minimi (for 2 Guitars) 7:27
Olwyn Ddwr (Water Wheel) 4:14
Ripening Prelude 1:20
Romance de los Pinos by Federico Moreno Torroba 2:22
Sonata 1. Allegro Moderato by Antonio Jose 7:54
Sonata 2. Minuet by Antonio Jose 3:45
Sonata 3. Pavana Triste by Antonio Jose 5:41
Sonata 4. Final by Antonio Jose 5:26
Sonatina 1. Allegretto by Federico Moreno Torroba 4:05
Sonatina 2. Andante by Federico Moreno Torroba 5:36
Sonatina 3. Allegro by Federico Moreno Torroba 4:24
Suo Gan 8:34
Teifi's Dream (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau) 1:49
The First Beat is the Last Sound 3:00
The Sound of One Hand Clapping (Homage to Steve Reich) 2:29
This Marriage 3:15
Tiento Antiguo by Joaquin Rodrigo 3:55
Tros y Garreg (Crossing the Stone) 4:54
Tune for Toru by Mark-Anthony Turnage 2:05
Un Tiempo fue Italica Famosa by Joaquin Rodrigo 8:07
Una Leyenda by Pedro Sanjuan 6:38
Viaje a la Semilla by Leo Brouwer 10:02
White Cloud Blue Sky (Homage to John McLaughlin) 5:20
Wind Color Vector 1. Leeward by Takashi Yoshimatsu 5:53
Wind Color Vector 2. Calm by Takashi Yoshimatsu 1:19
Wind Color Vector 3. Windward by Takashi Yoshimatsu 4:55

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