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Name ISRCs Rating Length
C32.05 Harry, Said Hermione in a Rather Frightened Voice 1:19
C32.06 Harry, How on Earth 1:04
C32.07 Okay, She Said 1:20
C32.08 Well, Spit It Out 0:44
C32.09 Harry Let Out a Roar 0:50
C32.10 But, Harry, You've Just Said It 0:57
C32.11 You're Being Rather Rude 1:01
C32.12 We'll Have to Use Umbridge's Fire 0:58
C32.13 One of Us Has to Go and Find Umbridge 1:02
C32.14 Okay, Said Hermione 0:55
C32.15 Now? Said Hermione 0:58
C32.16 But Harry Was Already Tearing Away 1:30
C32.17 You Can't Come Down Here 1:14
C32.18 The Lock Clicked Open 1:07
C32.19 There Was Nobody There 0:52
C32.20 Where's Sirius? 0:53
C32.21 Kreacher Stopped 1:12
C32.22 You Think, She Whispered 1:08
C32.23 With Whom Have You Been Communicating? 1:09
C32.24 It Looks as Though Hogwarts Will Be Weasley Free 1:18
C32.25 Umbridge's Slack Face 1:36
C32.26 Harry Looked Back at Umbridge 0:52
C32.27 Umbridge Flushed 1:01
C32.28 I Wish to Interrogate Him 1:13
C32.29 Harry Knew His Last Chance 1:00
C32.30 He Closed the Door Behind Him 1:11
C32.31 The Cruciatus Curse 0:52
C32.32 It Was You, Gasped Harry 1:05
C32.33 Well, Well, Well 1:09
C32.34 Ron Froze 1:05
C32.35 Yes, Said Umbridge 1:10
C32.36 Umbridge Straightened Up 1:05
C32.37 Umbridge Contemplated 1:14
C33.01 Fight and Flight 1:03
C33.02 The Sun Was Falling 0:52
C33.03 Then, Where Is It? 1:13
C33.04 Is It Very Far In? 1:10
C33.05 They Walked On 0:52
C33.06 Around Fifty Centaurs 0:51
C33.07 I Am Dolores Umbridge 0:59
C33.08 Still Pointing Her Shaking Wand 1:20
C33.09 the Sound of Their Wild Laughter 0:54
C33.10 Harry Grabbed Hermione 1:01
C33.11 Now, Roared a Voice 0:56
C33.12 Please, Said Hermione 0:58
C33.13 We Do Not Help 1:03
C33.14 We Are Not All Like the Traitor 1:00
C33.15 The Centaur Nearest Him 1:16
C33.16 Get Away From Here 1:04
C33.17 Herm-ee 1:05
C33.18 Pebble Sized Droplets 0:43
C33.19 The Sounds of the Galloping Centaurs 1:02
C33.20 Well, We Can't Do Anything Without Wands 0:48
C33.21 So, Said Ron 0:55
C33.22 Who's Grawp? 1:00
C33.23 Excuse Me! 0:55
C33.24 Harry's Eyes Met Ron's 1:06
C33.25 Harry Whirled 'round 1:06
C33.26 Don't Be Stupid, We Can't All Go 0:53
C33.27 Harry Felt a Soft Tug 1:06
C34.01 The Deparment of Mysteries 1:23
C34.02 All Three Looked Extremely Nervous 1:26
C34.03 Harry Did Not Think He Had Ever Moved So Fast 1:00
C34.04 Twilight Fell 0:54
C34.05 On They Flew 0:52
C34.06 Harry's Stomach Gave a Jolt 1:08
C34.07 Ron Landed a Short Way Off 1:21
C2129 He Returned To The Common Room 1:00
CD01.01 5:22
CD01.02 4:51
CD01.03 5:06
CD01.04 5:24
CD01.05 4:59
CD01.06 4:43
CD01.07 5:08
CD01.08 5:15
CD01.09 4:20
CD01.10 6:20
CD01.11 5:53
CD01.12 4:15
CD01.13 5:01
CD01.14 5:26
CD02.01 4:34
CD02.02 6:28
CD02.03 4:48
CD02.04 6:38
CD02.05 6:36
CD02.06 4:35
CD02.07 5:05
CD02.08 5:14
CD02.09 5:50
CD02.10 5:47
CD02.11 4:35
CD02.12 3:35
CD02.13 5:47
CD03.01 3:52
CD03.02 7:29
CD03.03 4:50
CD03.04 6:20
CD03.05 4:50

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