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Date Title Artist Length
Do That Dance
Starting Here, Starting Now (1977 original off-Broadway cast) David Shire
Back in Town (Miss Saigon)
Backstage Dreamland (Miss Saigon)
Bui-Doi (Miss Saigon)
Chris Is Here (Miss Saigon)
Finale (Miss Saigon)
Her or Me
I Still Believe (Miss Saigon)
I’d Give My Life for You (Miss Saigon)
If You Want to Die in Bed (Miss Saigon)
Kim’s Nightmare
Kim’s Nightmare, Part 1: Thuy’s Ghost
Kim’s Nightmare, Part 2: The Embassy
Kim’s Nightmare, Part 3: At the Gate
Last Night of the World (Miss Saigon)
Let Me See His Western Nose (Miss Saigon)
Little God of My Heart (Miss Saigon)
Miss Saigon
Miss Saigon: Finale (1995 Complete Recordings version)
Now That I’ve Seen Her (Miss Saigon)
Overture (Miss Saigon)
Paper Dragons (Miss Saigon)
Please (Miss Saigon)
Room 317 (Miss Saigon)
Song and Dance: Unexpected Song (introduced in 2003 London production)
Starting Here, Starting Now
Sun and Moon (Miss Saigon)
The American Dream (Miss Saigon)
The Confrontation (Miss Saigon)
The Dance (Miss Saigon)
The Deal (Miss Saigon)
The Fall of Saigon (Miss Saigon)
The Heat Is On in Saigon (Miss Saigon)
The Morning of the Dragon (Miss Saigon)
The Movie in My Mind (Miss Saigon)
The Revelation (Miss Saigon)
The Sacred Bird (Miss Saigon)
The Telephone Song (Miss Saigon)
The Transaction (Miss Saigon)
The Wedding Ceremony (Dju vui vai) (Miss Saigon)
This Is the Hour (Miss Saigon)
This Money’s Yours (Miss Saigon)
Thuy’s Arrival (Miss Saigon)
Thuy’s Death / You Will Not Touch Him (Miss Saigon)
Unicorn (Miss Saigon)
What a Waste (Miss Saigon)
What’s This I Find (Miss Saigon)
When You Taught Me How to Dance
Why God, Why? (Miss Saigon)
Because I Am a Wife (cut from the Schönberg/Boublil musical, The Pirate Queen)
The Pirate Queen: Act 1
The Pirate Queen: Act 2
2005-03-19 Assassins: How I Saved Roosevelt Stephen Sondheim 1:01
2005-03-19 Happy Birthday to Stephen Sondheim [anonymous] ?:??
2005-03-19 Lyrics Discussion Continues Jason Robert Brown, Joel Fram, Richard Maltby, Jr. & Georgia Stitt 3:52
2005-03-19 My Favorite Lyrics Jason Robert Brown, Joel Fram, Richard Maltby, Jr. & Georgia Stitt 8:13