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member of (as Anna-Lena Gibson): Andersson & Gibson
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Hot summer day
A Complex Work of Art lead vocals Kaipa 11:58
A Complex Work of Art background vocals Kaipa 11:58
A Road in My Mind additional and lead vocals Kaipa 7:17
Across the Big Uncertain background vocals Kaipa 8:31
Across the Big Uncertain lead vocals Kaipa 8:31
Angling Feelings Kaipa 6:43
Broken Chords Kaipa 6:26
Children of the Sounds Aleena Gibson Kaipa 11:32
Distant Voices lead vocals Kaipa 13:00
Distant Voices background vocals Kaipa 13:00
End of the Rope lead vocals Kaipa 13:59
End of the Rope background vocals Kaipa 13:59
Lifetime of a Journey lead vocals Kaipa 8:14
Lifetime of a Journey background vocals Kaipa 8:14
Like a Serpentine Aleena Gibson Kaipa 12:53
Liquid Holes in the Sky Kaipa 4:42
On the Edge of New Horizons Aleena Gibson Kaipa 17:11
Otherworldly Brights background vocals Kaipa 7:09
Otherworldly Brights lead vocals Kaipa 7:09
Path of Humbleness Kaipa 9:29
Pulsation Kaipa 4:01
Solitary Pathway Kaipa 4:05
Sonic Pearls lead vocals Kaipa 6:06
Sonic Pearls background vocals Kaipa 6:06
The Fleeting Existence of Time Kaipa 12:37
The Glorious Silence Within Kaipa 7:17
The Shadowy Sunlight Aleena Gibson Kaipa 6:58
The Weed of All Mankind background vocals Kaipa 9:30
The Weed of All Mankind lead vocals Kaipa 9:30
This Ship of Life Kaipa 4:40
What’s Behind the Fields Aleena Gibson Kaipa 9:32
Where's the Captain? Kaipa 4:23
Sattyg Aleena Gibson Kaipa
Bad Boys, Sad Girls
I Believe in Love
Show Me Your Colours Aleena Gibson
Sorry Anyway
Stupid Love Aleena Gibson