Embracing Goodbye (Southern Rock / Hardcore / Christian band from North Carolina)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
...And The Horse You Rode In On 4:06
…And the Horse You Rode in On 4:05
Burned on the River 4:05
Burned On The River 4:05
Due Process is a Bullet 4:08
Due Process Is a Bullet 3:53
Every Gun Sings Its Own Tune 3:34
Every Gun Sings Its Own Tune 3:39
Evolution 3:08
Fall of Man 3:01
From Beggars to Kings 3:40
Genesis 0:56
Glorious Machine 2:43
H.M. is a D.R.T. 4:06
H.M. Is a D.R.T. 4:07
Hockaday Road 3:10
In Vino Veritas 2:50
In Vino Veritas 3:02
Jairus’ Daughter 5:00
Mama 3:29
Mama 3:32
Martyrs vs. Magicians 2:55
My Sweet Jezebel 4:00
My Sweet Jezebel 4:14
Shotguns and Seductions 3:53
Silver Tongues Make Silver Dollars 3:06
The Bride, the Whirlwind 3:54
The Reckoning of John Law 3:20
The Reckoning of John Law 3:26
There's a Click Before the Strike 3:47
There’s a Click Before the Strike 7:53
Twelve Gauge Vices 3:48
When Night Turns to Mourning 2:59
White Lights Black Hearts 3:52

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