William Kennedy

~ Person


member of: Yellowjackets (1986 – 1999)
Allmusic: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000684797 [info]
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/330646 [info]
biographies: http://www.yellowjackets.com/biographies/bio.php?id=12 [info]


Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
After Goodbye drums 渡辺貞夫 5:28
Bright Lights drums Yellowjackets 6:53
Can't Stop the Wind drums Paul McCandless 5:16
Children’s Games drums Lee Ritenour 4:22
Claire's Song drums Yellowjackets 7:41
Downtown drums Yellowjackets 4:52
Foreign Correspondent drums Yellowjackets 5:43
Freedomland drums Yellowjackets 6:26
Geraldine drums Yellowjackets 7:20
Helix drums Yellowjackets 5:00
Home drums Will Downing 4:09
Homecoming drums Yellowjackets 5:35
I Thought About You drums Diane Schuur 3:55
Indigo drums and percussion Yellowjackets 5:30
Left, Right, & Center Will Kennedy drums Victor Wooten 7:12
Masai Talk drums 渡辺貞夫 4:56
Mile High drums and percussion Yellowjackets 4:15
My One and Only Love drums Diane Schuur 4:19
New Rochelle drums Yellowjackets 6:08
Our Love Is Here to Stay drums Diane Schuur 4:00
Oz drums Yellowjackets 4:46
Passing By drums 渡辺貞夫 4:31
Prelude to a Kiss drums Diane Schuur 4:57
Punch drums Paul McCandless 5:51
Renezvous drums Paul McCandless 4:28
Revelation drums Yellowjackets 6:24
Robin drums Paul McCandless 3:56
Route 17 drums Lee Ritenour 4:39
Runaway drums Lee Ritenour 4:43
Sabana drums Justo Almario 3:43
Speak Low drums Diane Schuur 5:11
Spirit of the West drums Yellowjackets 5:08
Summer Song drums Yellowjackets 6:36
The Chosen drums Yellowjackets 4:57
The Dream drums Yellowjackets 5:08
The Gospel Will Kennedy drums Victor Wooten 6:43
The More I See You drums Diane Schuur 4:32
The Spin drums Yellowjackets 9:47
Theme From Il Postino drums Yellowjackets 3:52
Turning to You drums Paul McCandless 5:32
Two Moons drums Paul McCandless 5:36
Up From New Orleans drums Yellowjackets 5:34
When I Fall in Love drums Diane Schuur 4:18
White Water drums Lee Ritenour 5:01
Wildlife drums Yellowjackets 9:26
You'll See drums Diane Schuur 4:24