Electric Six (Detroit, USA rock)

~ Group


members: Johnny Na$hinal
Tait Nucleus?
John R. Dequindre (2003-06 – 2007-05)
The Colonel (2003-06 – 2012-10-06)
Percussion World (2004-11 – 2016-01-07)
Smörgåsbord (2007-05 – 2015-03-24)
Da Ve (2012-10-06 –)
Rob Lower (2015-05-31 –)
Two-Handed Bob (2016-01 –)
original members: Dick Valentine
Disco (Steve Nawara) (– 2003-06)
The Rock-n-Roll Indian (– 2003-06)
Surge Joebot (– 2003-06)
M. (Cory Martin) (– 2004-11)
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Date Title Artist Length
Dance Commander Electric Six 2:37
Danger! High Voltage Electric Six 3:35
Don't Be Afraid of the Robot Electric Six 1:39
Electric Demons in Love Electric Six 3:07
Gay Bar Electric Six 2:21
Getting Into the Jam Electric Six 2:14
I Invented the Night Electric Six 3:17
I’m the Bomb Electric Six 4:18
Improper Dancing Electric Six 3:14
Naked Pictures (of Your Mother) Electric Six 2:11
Nuclear War (on the Dance Floor) Electric Six 1:16
She’s White Electric Six 3:17
Synthesizer Electric Six 4:00
Take Off Your Clothes Electric Six 1:36
Vengeance and Fashion Electric Six 2:46
After Hours Electric Six 2:22
American Cheese Electric Six 4:20
Body Shot Electric Six 3:46
Clusterfuck! Electric Six 4:37
Countdown to the Countdown Electric Six 3:09
Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom Electric Six 5:24
Egyptian Cowboy Electric Six 4:20
Escape From Ohio Electric Six 3:11
I Am a Song! Electric Six 3:45
I Belong in a Factory Electric Six 2:32
I Can Translate Electric Six 2:43
I Lost Control (of My Rock & Roll) Electric Six 1:47
It Ain't Punk Rock Electric Six 3:59
Jam It in the Hole Electric Six 3:51
Love Song for Myself Electric Six 4:20
My Idea of Fun Electric Six 3:17
One Sick Puppy Electric Six 2:53
Remote Control (Me) Electric Six 2:22
Rubbin' Me the Wrong Way Electric Six 3:03
Simulated Love Electric Six 3:30
Steal Your Bones Electric Six 4:20
Table and Chairs Electric Six 4:36
Talking Turkey Electric Six 4:20
The Newark Airport Boogie Electric Six 2:59
The Rubberband Man Electric Six 3:51
Waste of Time and Money Electric Six 3:28
White Eyes Electric Six 4:20
You're Bored Electric Six 1:45