Tal M. Klein

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Man on a Mission 0:13
Beats Are Delicious 4:50
Brincando El Tiburon 7:35
Chu Chin Chow (feat. Irian Jaya) 5:46
Don't (feat. Hillary Hightower) 4:21
E.S.L. 1:09
Emmylou's Underwater Petting Zoo 6:48
Foolish Mortals 1:35
Goin' Back to Smashed Potatoes 4:20
Houston Brownwater Moccasins 7:09
How to Be a Robot 0:39
In the Rain (feat. Skizzo Franick) 4:51
Just Pissed (feat. Martin Shields) 1:14
Keep Me Real 0:25
Lazy Land Lovers 2:18
Lo-Fi High 4:35
Maintaining Legitimacy 1:28
Neptune's Minty Trident 4:33
Netpune's Minty Trident 7:01
Never Leave (feat. Hillary Hightower) 2:44
Ode to Cap'n Gaye 2:58
Over the Great Fantastic 1:21
Plastic Starfish 7:35
Pod Six Is Jerks 4:03
Potty Breaks 1:19
Quiche and Guns 1:40
Riding the EVP88 1:25
Sextant Machine 3:00
Sometimes (feat. Anew Madrid) 4:48
That Ain't No Mermaid 8:07
That Aint No Mermaid (Quincy Jointz remix) 6:26
The Ocean So Vast & My Ship So Small 1:55
The Sight of Land Ne'Er Sweeter 4:23
To the Evening Red & Morning Grey 7:16
Trust (feat. Skizzo Franick) 4:20
Underneath the Floor (feat. Hillary Hightower) 2:52
Vijay Gets His Man (feat. T Spigot) 4:47
When the Waves Turn the Minutes to Hours 4:31
Within Earshot (feat. Bigside Left) 2:21
Xambwe Hallelujah 1:30
Yona (Ahava Sheli Across The Sea) 5:21
Zion Calling 3:05

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