Stuart Canin (American violinist and conductor)

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principal conductor for:Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia
Mostly Mozart Summer Festival Orchestra
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Symphony (from 1970 until 1980)
New Century Chamber Orchestra (from 1992 until 1999)
students:Ted Madsen (American violinist)
teachers:Ivan Galamian
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Chamber Symphony for Strings, op. 110a: I. Largo (attacca)New Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin5:15
Chamber Symphony for Strings, op. 110a: II. Allegro molto (attacca)New Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin2:58
Chamber Symphony for Strings, op. 110a: III. Allegretto (attacca)New Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin4:19
Chamber Symphony for Strings, op. 110a: IV. Largo (attacca)New Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin4:42
Chamber Symphony for Strings, op. 110a: V. LargoNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin4:14
Symphony for Strings, op. 118a: I. AndanteNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin5:11
Symphony for Strings, op. 118a: II. Allegretto furiosoNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin4:03
Symphony for Strings, op. 118a: III. AdagioNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin6:21
Symphony for Strings, op. 118a: IV. AllegrettoNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin10:11
Two Pieces for String Octet, op. 11: I. Prelude. AdagioNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin5:07
Two Pieces for String Octet, op. 11: II. Scherzo. Allegro moltoNew Century Chamber Orchestra, Stuart Canin4:01
1972-06Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony Orchestra op. 50: 2nd Partsolo and violinStuart Canin, San Francisco Symphony, Seiji Ozawa, Jim Schwall, Corky Siegel, The Siegel-Schwall Band9:01
1976-01-19 – 1976-01-21Beyond the SunviolinMcCoy Tyner5:34
1976-01-19 – 1976-01-21Fly With the WindviolinMcCoy Tyner8:29
1976-01-19 – 1976-01-21RolemviolinMcCoy Tyner5:44
1976-01-19 – 1976-01-21Salvadore de SambaviolinMcCoy Tyner12:14
1976-01-19 – 1976-01-21You Stepped Out of a DreamviolinMcCoy Tyner6:55
1981-04-08Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (1981 original studio master)violinFrank Sinatra3:26
1981-04-08The Gal That Got Away / It Never Entered My Mind (medley)violinFrank Sinatra5:51
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Abandoned and PursuedviolinJohn Williams3:02
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Adventure on EarthviolinJohn Williams15:10
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28At HomeviolinJohn Williams5:38
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Bait for E.T.violinJohn Williams1:45
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T. and Elliott Get DrunkviolinJohn Williams2:57
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T. and MeviolinJohn Williams4:54
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T. Is AliveviolinJohn Williams4:22
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T. Is DyingviolinJohn Williams2:24
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T. Phone HomeviolinJohn Williams4:21
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T.’s HalloweenviolinJohn Williams4:11
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T.’s New HomeviolinJohn Williams1:28
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T.’s New Home (alternate)violinJohn Williams1:27
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28E.T.’s PowersviolinJohn Williams2:44
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28End CreditsviolinJohn Williams3:55
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28End Credits (alternate)violinJohn Williams3:55
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Far From Home / E.T. AloneviolinJohn Williams6:57
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Far From Home / E.T. Alone (alternate)violinJohn Williams7:00
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28FlyingviolinJohn Williams3:25
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28FrogsviolinJohn Williams2:12
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28I’m Keeping HimviolinJohn Williams2:20
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Invading Elliott’s HouseviolinJohn Williams2:24
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Invading Elliott’s House (alternate)violinJohn Williams2:24
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28LevitationviolinJohn Williams0:41
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Losing E.T.violinJohn Williams2:04
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Main TitleviolinJohn Williams1:14
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Meeting E.T.violinJohn Williams2:08
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Meeting E.T. (alternate)violinJohn Williams2:20
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Over the MoonviolinJohn Williams2:12
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Searching for E.T.violinJohn Williams4:16
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Searching for E.T. (alternate)violinJohn Williams4:19
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Sending the SignalviolinJohn Williams3:58
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Stay With MeviolinJohn Williams2:24
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The Beginning of a FriendshipviolinJohn Williams2:53
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The ClosetviolinJohn Williams0:53
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The DepartureviolinJohn Williams7:07
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The Departure (alternate)violinJohn Williams7:06
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The E.T. AdventureviolinJohn Williams4:12
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The EncounterviolinJohn Williams1:49
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The KissviolinJohn Williams0:49
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The Magic of HalloweenviolinJohn Williams2:55
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28The Rescue and Bike ChaseviolinJohn Williams8:07
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28Three Million Light Years From HomeviolinJohn Williams3:01
1982-03-25 – 1982-04-28ToysviolinJohn Williams3:13
Fredasolo and violinYellowjackets5:27
Indian SummerviolinYellowjackets5:40
Feels Like HomeviolinLinda Ronstadt
FrenesistringsLinda Ronstadt
Ride Like the WindviolinFreddie Hubbard
Unforgettable: With Love (Columbia House)violinNatalie Cole