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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission Anne Akiko Meyers, London Symphony Orchestra, Keith Lockhart 4:57
Somewhere from West Side Story Anne Akiko Meyers, London Symphony Orchestra, Keith Lockhart 4:40
Bedtime Story
End Title (Oliver & Company)
Pursuit Through the Subway
The Rescue
Balloon Rachel Portman 1:50
Benny & Joon Rachel Portman 2:45
Benny & Joon (reprise) Rachel Portman 2:45
Bonus Theme Montage Danny Elfman 3:53
Christmas Eve Montage (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 4:44
Closing (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Patrick Stewart 1:26
Doctor Finklestein / In the Forest (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 2:36
End Title Danny Elfman 1:13
End Title / Credits (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 5:06
Hubcaps Rachel Portman 0:33
Immanuel Michael Card 3:57
In the Park Rachel Portman 5:11
Jack and Sally Montage (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 5:17
Joon's Medicine Rachel Portman 1:42
Love Theme Rachel Portman 3:10
Nabbed (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 3:04
On the Bus Rachel Portman 4:12
Opening (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Patrick Stewart 0:57
Overture (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 1:48
Sam and Joon Rachel Portman 1:40
Sam Is Kicked Out Rachel Portman 3:38
Sam's New Home / Raisins Rachel Portman 2:42
Skyfall Adele 4:46
Snorkel Mask Rachel Portman 1:03
Swinging Rachel Portman 3:01
To the Rescue (from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Danny Elfman 3:38
Nine Lives (club edition) guest and keyboard Bonnie Raitt
Nine Lives guest and keyboard Bonnie Raitt
instrument arranger
Immanuel strings Michael Card 3:57
…Shells Thomas Newman 4:48
"Men Will Fire Bullets, but God Decides Where They Land" James Horner 4:23
"We’re Cristeros Now" James Horner 3:23
“O, We’re Going Home” Thomas Newman 1:38
A Broken Promise James Horner 4:31
A Bullet on the Floor James Horner 3:07
A Curse of Ghosts James Horner 4:43
A Dark and Restless Night James Horner 3:18
A Place Without Mercy Thomas Newman 1:04
A Rescue Is Planned James Horner 6:18
A Reunion Thomas Newman 5:36
A Sniper's War James Horner 3:26
Aaina Thomas Newman 1:01
All Alone Thomas Newman 0:53
Almost Home Thomas Newman 2:02
Already Gone Thomas Newman 1:16
Ambush James Horner 4:49
An Insurmountable Hurdle James Horner 3:46
Attempted Capture James Horner 6:00
Backfire Thomas Newman 4:54
Becky Flies Thomas Newman 3:53
Betrayal James Horner 11:29
Bitter News James Horner 2:39
Blindfold Thomas Newman 1:28
Bringer of New Things Thomas Newman 0:35
Busy Pensioner Bee Thomas Newman 1:14
Careless Thomas Newman 4:39
Catnip Thomas Newman 1:49
Chai Thomas Newman 1:29
Coming Home From the Sea (excerpt) James Horner 1:00
Completely Lethal Thomas Newman 1:41
Cristeros James Horner 8:40
Crows Klinik Thomas Newman 1:41
Danilov's Confession James Horner 7:14
Dawn to Dusk / The Riderless Horse James Horner 4:23
Day of the Dead Thomas Newman feat. Tambuco Percussion Ensemble 1:26
Dean Hardscrabble Randy Newman 3:20
Death James Horner 2:22
Dedication and Windsong James Horner 9:44
Detonation Thomas Newman 3:53
Did You Do This? Randy Newman 2:00
Discretion Thomas Newman 0:38
Donna Lucia Thomas Newman 2:03
Entre la luz y el pecado James Horner 4:09
Everything About You Thomas Newman 1:42
Field Trip Randy Newman 3:57
Finding Dory (main title) Thomas Newman 0:55
First Day at MU Randy Newman 4:32
Fish Who Wander Thomas Newman 1:19
Freeway Crossing James Horner 4:09
General Gorostieta James Horner 9:22
Gnarly Chop Thomas Newman 1:40
Goodbyes Randy Newman 3:11
Goro and Tula James Horner 4:32
Hands! Thomas Newman 2:25
Hank Thomas Newman 3:20
Hide and Seek Thomas Newman 1:52
Hinx Thomas Newman 1:21
Hollywood Boulevard James Horner 7:45
Human World Randy Newman 2:07
Jewel of Morro Bay Thomas Newman 2:00
Joker at Work Thomas Newman 1:17
José Saves Catorce James Horner 3:22
José’s Martyrdom James Horner 4:06
Just Another Chapter of History (Closing Credits) James Horner 8:05
Kayitah's Death / The Soaring Hawk James Horner 4:25
Kelpcake Thomas Newman 0:46
Kite in a Hurricane Thomas Newman 2:09
Knees Then Names Thomas Newman 1:57
Koulikov James Horner 5:13
L’Americain Thomas Newman 1:42
Leaving by Night James Horner 5:15
Life Piled on Life Thomas Newman 1:07
Lilly's Fate Is in These Hands James Horner 6:43
Longliners James Horner 4:05
Loon Tune Thomas Newman 1:20
Los muertos vivos estan Thomas Newman feat. Tambuco Percussion Ensemble 2:48
Lost at Sea Thomas Newman 1:36
Madeleine Thomas Newman 2:58
Main Title Randy Newman 0:51
Map of the World (end title) Thomas Newman 4:42
Meet Destiny Thomas Newman 1:07
Migration Song Thomas Newman 0:35
Mike and Sulley Randy Newman 1:13
Mumbai Thomas Newman 2:17
New Mexico 1885 James Horner 2:27
Nimish & Abhilash Thomas Newman 1:28
No Walls Thomas Newman 2:25
Nobody’s Fine Thomas Newman 3:29
Okay with Crazy Thomas Newman 1:50
One Year Later Thomas Newman 2:25
Oozma Kappa Randy Newman 3:17
Open Ocean Thomas Newman 3:18
Our Last Chance - A New World James Horner 3:48
Out of Bullets Thomas Newman 1:51
Poachers James Horner 7:52
Profound Loss James Horner 3:23
Quarantine Thomas Newman 2:42
Quite a View Thomas Newman 1:25
Rebecca Darling Thomas Newman 1:55
Release Thomas Newman 1:14
Rescue and Breakout James Horner 3:24
Reservoirs of Affection Thomas Newman 1:23
Rise and Shine Randy Newman 3:00
Roll Call Thomas Newman 1:25
Sacha's Risk James Horner 5:38
Sacred Guardian of the Mountain James Horner 3:58
Safe House Thomas Newman 3:55
Sagai Thomas Newman 4:28
Scare Pig Randy Newman 2:00
Scorpions Thomas Newman 2:01
Second Best Exotic Thomas Newman 3:06
Secret Room Thomas Newman 5:22
Setting the Trap / Staying One Step Ahead... James Horner 3:56
Shaadi Thomas Newman 1:27
Sigourney Weaver Thomas Newman 1:21
Silver Wraith Thomas Newman 2:15
Snow Plane Thomas Newman 5:24
Soft Hiss of Treachery Thomas Newman 1:12
Spectre (end titles) Thomas Newman 5:40
Squid Chase Thomas Newman 1:29
Stinging Glow Urchin Randy Newman 2:34
Sulley Randy Newman 0:48
Tania (End Credits) James Horner 6:53
Tempus Fugit Thomas Newman 1:21
The Big Scare Randy Newman 3:02
The Brilliant Bits Thomas Newman 2:44
The Brujo's Storm / A Loss of Innocence James Horner 8:31
The Burning Ferris Wheel James Horner 7:36
The Carnival James Horner 6:22
The Dead City James Horner 8:03
The Death of Padre Christopher James Horner 10:10
The Dream James Horner 2:36
The Eternal City Thomas Newman 4:34
The Fun Never Starts Thomas Newman 1:40
The Hunter Becomes the Hunted James Horner 5:54
The Library Randy Newman 3:44
The Long Ride Home James Horner 16:12
The Pale King Thomas Newman 2:55
The River Crossing to Stalingrad James Horner 15:14
The Scare Games Randy Newman 5:58
The Search Begins James Horner 2:16
The Stranger James Horner 3:52
The Tractor Factory James Horner 6:44
The Trees James Horner 6:04
Three Hearts (end title) Thomas Newman 1:37
Two Lefts and a Right Thomas Newman 3:58
Unreasonable Behavior Thomas Newman 2:02
Vassili's Fame Spreads James Horner 3:40
Vauxhall Bridge Thomas Newman 2:19
Warp Thomas Newman 1:04
Wasted Potential Randy Newman 1:16
Wedding Thomas Newman 4:21
Westminster Bridge Thomas Newman 4:14
Young Michael Randy Newman 3:58
Avatar James Horner
Avatar: Music From the Motion Picture James Horner
Avatar: Music From the Motion Picture James Horner
Leatherheads Randy Newman
A Gift for Little Miss
A New Nervous System
A Truer Love
Growing Old
Mechanical Love
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Petition Denied
Special Delivery
The Gift of Mortality
The Machine Age
The Magic Spirit
The Passage of Time, A Changing of Seasons
The Search for Another
The Wedding
Then You Look at Me
Wearing Clothes for the First Time
Good Company Myhanh Tran 2:33
vocal arranger
Immanuel choir vocals Michael Card 3:57