T.O.Y. (German electro/synthpop)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[data track] (Transparent Frequencies) Evils Toy 2:21
A Girl Called Bitch Evils Toy 4 4:09
Abnormal Declension Evils Toy 3:41
Abnormal Declension (remix by Haujobb) Evils Toy 7:46
Angels Only Evils Toy 4:07
Angels Only! (Above) Evils Toy 4:12
Angels Only! (Beyond) Evils Toy 3:56
Another Lovesong T.O.Y. DES370300166 4:15
Another Lovesong (I-Space remix) T.O.Y. 6:57
Another Lovesong (Neuroactive mix) T.O.Y. 4:51
Another Lovesong (trance mix by Massiv in Mensch) T.O.Y. 4:42
Another Lovesong (Tristraum remix) T.O.Y. 4:22
Another Lovesong (Voice Industrie mix) T.O.Y. 6:32
Astronauts T.O.Y. 4:03
Ausnahmezustand T.O.Y. 3:17
Back on Earth Evils Toy 3:35
Beyond Sleep T.O.Y. DES370300156 4:34
Bonus Track ('92) Evils Toy 4:28
But Not Tonight T.O.Y. 4:00
Causing Riots Evils Toy 4:00
Caution Anti Matter Evils Toy 3:46
Charisma She Said T.O.Y. DES370300161 3:45
Co Existence Evils Toy 4:23
Co-Existence (exclusiv mix) Evils Toy 3:50
CoExistence Evils Toy 3:51
Color Matching T.O.Y. 4:09
Colours Out of Space Evils Toy 3:35
Contact Evils Toy 3:59
Dear God Evils Toy 5:27
Dear God (remix) Evils Toy 6:11
Dear God (X Marks the Pedwalk remix) Evils Toy 6:10
Dear God (X-Marks the Pedwalk remix) Evils Toy 3:37
Dizzy Divination Evils Toy 4:00
Do Dreams Bleed (Memphis mix) T.O.Y. 5:21
Do Dreams Bleed? Evils Toy 3:47
Do Dreams Bleed? (Fictional remix) T.O.Y. 4:49
Do Dreams Bleed? (Mezzo mix) T.O.Y. 5:16
Do Dreams Bleed? (SSL mix by Walter Gerke) T.O.Y. 3:49
Dream or Reality Evils Toy 3:40
Dream With Me T.O.Y. 3:57
Dream With Me (Fairlage mix) T.O.Y. 3:41
Dream With Me (Massiv in Mensch remix) T.O.Y. 6:02
Easy T.O.Y. 3:48
Enemy Mind Evils Toy 4:03
Entrails Evils Toy 4:22
Fairytale T.O.Y. DES370300160 3:42
Fairytale T.O.Y. 2:18
Fairytale T.O.Y. 4:31
Fairytale (club mix) T.O.Y. 4:09
Fairytale (Estatuas del Sol Retromix) T.O.Y. 3:21
Fairytale (radio edit) T.O.Y. 3:27
Fairytale (remix) T.O.Y. 6:42
Fairytale (Syrian mix) T.O.Y. 4:33
Fallen Angel Evils Toy 3:10
Feelings Evils Toy 4:41
Fly Away! T.O.Y. DES370300155 3:38
For Gold T.O.Y. 3:36
Forever?! Evils Toy 4:18
From Above Comes Sleep Evils Toy 4:15
Golden Sands Evils Toy 3:52
Home Evils Toy 4:40
Hypnosis Evils Toy 3:03
i feel… (T.O.Y. Remix) (DDR FESTIVAL & Dance Dance Revolution STRIKE non stop megamix) T.O.Y. 0:22
I feel… (T.O.Y. Remix) T.O.Y. 1:59
I Hear You Calling T.O.Y. 3:45
I Want to Believe Evils Toy 4:24
Illusion Evils Toy 4:59
In Silence Evils Toy 4:04
In Silence (album mix) T.O.Y. 4:04
In the Army Now Evils Toy 3:54
In the Army Now Evils Toy 3:27
Inner Cinema T.O.Y. DES370300164 3:55
Inside Out Evils Toy 4:46
Just You & Me T.O.Y. DES370300165 4:45
Kill Another (demo 89) Evils Toy 2:54
Lies to Tell T.O.Y. 4:22
Lonely Evils Toy 3:54
Lonely T.O.Y. 3:52
Loner T.O.Y. 3:51
Loner (remix) T.O.Y. 4:00
Long Distance Ride T.O.Y. DES370300159 4:11
Long Distance Ride T.O.Y. 2:40
Long Distance Ride T.O.Y. 3:03
Lucifer’s Garden Evils Toy 4:03
Lucifers Garden (remix) Evils Toy 4:20
Mad Modern Dream Evils Toy 3:22
Make Up Evils Toy 4:08
Make Up (remix by Second Decay) Evils Toy 3:49
Make Up 2002 (Funker Vogt remix) Evils Toy 7:19
Memories Evils Toy 4:51
Memory Ave T.O.Y. 4:54
Morbid Fashion Evils Toy 4:31
Motionless Evils Toy 4:08
Movie Evils Toy 3:30
My Way to You T.O.Y. 5:19
Natures Revenge Evils Toy 4:13
No Life Evils Toy 4:30
No Life (live) Evils Toy 3:51
No Life (Mix mix) Evils Toy 4:03
Nuclear Lab Evils Toy 4:34

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