Name ISRCs Rating Length
Disseminating Obscenity 5:16
Exhumation and Gross Disfiguration of Festering Stiffs 1:39
Gestated Human Slurry 2:51
Masticated Remains of Detruncation 3:03
Pre-Natal Excavation of Diseased Ovarian Atrocity (rough mix) 3:23
Pre-Natal Excavation of Diseased Ovarian Atrocity, Demonstrating the Necessity for Extreme Prejudicial Infanticide Within the Vomit Filled Womb 3:20
Prenatal Excavation of the Ovarian At 3:16
Promulgation of Infected Innards 4:47
Side Order of Flies 3:07
The Opening to Her Torso 4:16
To the Sorrow Filled Eyes and Pallid Bloated Corpulence of My Drowned Children 3:37
Viscous Dermal Tissue Necrotizing in Venereal Quagmire 3:19

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