Wolf Eyes

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2000Live Summer '00Wolf Eyes & Spykes1
2001Fuck ClevelandWolf Eyes2
2001Sandpapered EyesWolf Eyes2
2002Droll Vol 7Wolf Eyes1
2002PowerlessWolf Eyes1
2004Droll 16Wolf Eyes1
2005Droll Vol 19Wolf Eyes1
2005Rotting RemainsWolf Eyes2
2006Guillotine KeysWolf Eyes1
2019Starched Calendars Vol. 2Wolf Eyes1
2019Starched Calendars Vol. 1Wolf Eyes1
2022Displacing Seasons 2Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes1


2005Six Arms and SucksWolf Eyes1
2006The Driller LiveWolf Eyes1
2007Dogs on StageWolf Eyes1


2000Wolf Eyes / TelepatheticWolf Eyes / Nautical Almanac1
2001Wolf EyesWolf Eyes1
2001Chimes in Black Water, Volume 1Black Dice & Wolf Eyes1
2001DreadWolf Eyes5
2001SlicerWolf Eyes3
2002Dead HillsWolf Eyes3
2002UgliedWolf Eyes1
2003MuggerWolf Eyes1
2003Wolf Eyes & Black DiceBlack Dice & Wolf Eyes1
2004Burned MindWolf Eyes43
2004Lost SocketsWolf Eyes1
20041Double Leopards & Wolf Eyes1
2004Dog JawWolf Eyes1
2004The BeastSmegma & Wolf Eyes1
2005Breeding Turbines TwoDouble Leopards & Wolf Eyes1
2005Asylum Style 10Wolf Eyes1
2005Lung MalfunctionWolf Eyes1
2005The WarriorsWolf Eyes / Prurient1
2005Tin Coffin 1Wolf Eyes1
2006River SlaughterWolf Eyes1
2006EquinoxWolf Eyes & John Wiese1
2006Human AnimalWolf Eyes2
2006Black VomitWolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton1
2006Lunatic BingeWolf Eyes1
2006Manchester Is DeadWolf Eyes1
2007Hell Made ManWolf Eyes1
2007Made Hell ManWolf Eyes1
2007Man Made HellWolf Eyes1
2007Black Wing Over the SandWolf Eyes2
2008Back to AttackWolf Eyes1
2008NuisanceWolf Eyes1
2009I'm a Problem, Vol. 1 & 2Wolf Eyes1
2009A Mast on No ShoreWolf Eyes1
2009Always WrongWolf Eyes1
2009Always WrongWolf Eyes1
2009Completely Wrong / Variations on the Bottomless PitWolf Eyes1
2009Impersonal, Amplified, UnknownWolf Eyes1
2009Moods in Free Time, Volume 2Wolf Eyes1
2010Nog Tumb RushWolf Eyes1
2010Hygiene ChamberWolf Eyes1
2010Statues Are ActiveWolf Eyes1
2010All Identical, None CompleteWolf Eyes2
2010Mind in PiecesWolf Eyes1
2010Sept 3Wolf Eyes1
201042010Wolf Eyes2
2010SubmergeWolf Eyes1
2010ShadeWolf Eyes1
2010Time Of Clearing - Europe 2010 Tour EditionWolf Eyes1
2011People Unwatched, Volume 5Wolf Eyes1
2011RabidWolf Eyes & PBK1
2013No Answer: Lower FloorsWolf Eyes2
2014Burnt-Out Vol 1Wolf Eyes3
2015I Am a Problem: Mind in PiecesWolf Eyes2
2016Clock Warden Vol. 1Wolf Eyes1
2016Clock Warden Vol. 2Wolf Eyes1
2016Clock Warden Vol. 3Wolf Eyes1
2016Clock Warden Vol. 4Wolf Eyes1
2017Right in Front of YouWolf Eyes1
2017UndertowWolf Eyes3
2017July Wreckage OneWolf Eyes1
2018Two Civilized CentersWolf Eyes / Universal Eyes1
2020Pontiac, Third FloorWolf Eyes1
2021Winter Sunday b/w Concrete WallsBlank Hellscape / Wolf Eyes1
2022Displacing Seasons 1Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes1
Interminal BleedingsWolf Eyes1
Time of ClearingWolf Eyes1

Album + Compilation

2006CollectionWolf Eyes with John Wiese1

Album + Compilation + Live

2012Log JamWolf Eyes1

Album + Live

2000[untitled]Wolf Eyes with Spykes1
2012Victoriaville Mai 2011Richard Pinhas, Merzbow & Wolf Eyes1
2014Live Frying: Wolf Eyes & MerzbowWolf Eyes & Merzbow1


2001Droll Part TwoWolf Eyes1
2001Throat Virus AliveWolf Eyes2
2001Droll Vol.4Wolf Eyes1
2002Posession TissuesWolf Eyes1
2002Droll Vol 11Wolf Eyes1
2003Droll 13Wolf Eyes1
2003Droll Vol 12Wolf Eyes1
2003Fuck BirminghamWolf Eyes1
2003Undertakers Pt.2Wolf Eyes1
2003Undertakers Part OneWolf Eyes1
2004Droll Vol 14Wolf Eyes1
2004Droll, Vol. 16Wolf Eyes1
2004Undertakers Pt 3Wolf Eyes1
2006Black VomitAnthony Braxton, Wolf Eyes1

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