Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Arch of the Sim Adam Freeland ?:??
Best Fish Tacos In Encinada Adam Freeland 4:30
Best Fish Tacos in Ensenda Freeland 4:17
Big Wednesday Freeland 4:50
Big Wednesday Freeland 3 5:33
Borderline Freeland feat. Brody Dalle 5 3:57
Borderline Adam Freeland ?:??
Borderline Adam Freeland 4:04
Borderline (Deathset remix) Freeland 1:48
Borderline (El Ten Eleven remix) Freeland feat. Brody Dalle 4:15
Borderline (Grum remix) Freeland 6:06
Borderline (Grum remix) Freeland feat. Brody Dalle 6:10
Borderline (Instrumental) Adam Freeland 4:00
Bring It Freeland 5:41
Bring It Adam Freeland 6:24
Bring It (Instrumental) Adam Freeland 6:05
Bring It (Marc Romboy remix) Freeland 7:47
Bring It Hard (Marc Romboy remix) Freeland 7:46
Build: Arch of the Sims Adam Freeland ?:??
Burn the Clock Freeland 5:52
Burn the Clock Freeland 5:48
Burn the Clock Adam Freeland 5:54
Burn the Clock (part of a “FabricLive 16: Adam Freeland” DJ‐mix) Freeland 5 5:40
Busy Adam Freeland ?:??
Buy: Busy Adam Freeland ?:??
Coastal Breaks (disc 1) Adam Freeland 1:00:04
Coastal Breaks (disc 2) Adam Freeland 1:00:14
Do Ya Freeland 4:03
Do You Freeland 3:32
Do You Adam Freeland 3:38
Do You (An-ten-nae remix) Freeland 4:22
Do You (High Rankin remix) Freeland 4:07
Do You (High Rankin remix) Freeland 4:07
Do You (Instrumental) Adam Freeland 3:34
Do You (Joker remix) Freeland 4:11
Do You (Joker remix) Freeland 4:10
Do You (Joker remix) Freeland ?:??
Do You (Joker remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Sound of Dubstep” DJ‐mix) Freeland 1:22
Do You (Moonbootica remix) Freeland 4:47
Do You (Pantyraid remix) Freeland 5:28
Do You! (Joker remix) Freeland 4:12
Do You! (PANTyRAiD remix) Freeland 5:30
Fear (Area 5) Adam Freeland 10:54
Fear (Jackal Queenston RMX) [2018 EQ] Freeland 4:49
Fear <Rez edit> <area05> Adam Freeland 5 5:06
Fear: Mind Killer (GO-GO-GST Rez version) Adam Freeland 5:07
Flurohorns Adam Freeland 3:06
Freeland Freeland 3:02
Freeland Freeland 9:03
Futcant Adam Freeland 3:31
Glowsticks Adam Freeland ?:??
Glowstix Adam Freeland 4:51
Grrrrrrr! Adam Freeland 4:06
Hate Adam Freeland ?:??
Hate Adam Freeland 4:01
Heel 'n' Toe Freeland 4:33
Heel 'n' Toe Freeland 4:36
Heel 'n' Toe Adam Freeland 4:36
Heel 'n' Toe (Adam Freeland remix) Adam Freeland 8:50
Heel 'n' Toe (Daniel Taylor remix) Adam Freeland 7:13
Heel 'n' Toe (Evil Nine remix) Adam Freeland 7:25
Heel & Toe Adam Freeland 3:40
Heel & Toe Adam Freeland 4:53
Heel & Toe (Freeland '05 remix) Adam Freeland 8:46
Heel and Toe (Evil Nine remix) Freeland 6:34
Hello, I Love You (Adam Freeland remix) Adam Freeland ?:??
Hired Goons / Heel 'n' Toe (part of a “FabricLive 16: Adam Freeland” DJ‐mix) Evil Nine / Freeland 5 4:51
Hommeage Adam Freeland 4:29
Hour1 Adam Freeland 1:01:12
Hour2 Adam Freeland 59:50
House Mix: Busy Adam Freeland ?:??
How to Fake Your Life Freeland 5:07
How To Fake Your Own Life Adam Freeland 5:40
How to Fake Your Own Life (Etienne de Crécy remix) Adam Freeland 6:54
How to Fake Your Own Life (Étienne de Crécy remix) Adam Freeland 4:32
How To Fake Your Own Life (Étienne De Crécy Remix) Adam Freeland 7:27
How To Fake Your Own Life (Om Unit Remix) Adam Freeland 5:16
Intro Adam Freeland 0:16
Intro Adam Freeland 0:31
Kin Adam Freeland feat. Suri Tribe ?:??
L.I.F.E. Freeland 6:20
L.I.F.E. Freeland 4:59
Makeover Adam Freeland ?:??
Man Cry Freeland 5:15
Mancry Freeland 5:33
Mancry Adam Freeland 5:36
Mancry (Gui Boratto remix) Freeland 7:47
Mancry (Gui Boratto remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Underground 2010” DJ‐mix) Freeland 6:23
Mancry (Gui Boratto remix) (part of “Renaissance: The Masters Series, Part 14” DJ‐mix) Freeland 4:01
Mancry (Justus Köhncke remix) Freeland 7:07
Mancry (Justus Köhncke’s Epic Diskokraut club mix) Freeland 8:35
Mancry (Justus Köhncke’s Epic Diskokraut version) Freeland 7:05
Mancry (Justus Köhncke’s Epic Diskokraut version) Freeland 7:05
Mind Killer Freeland 3:28
Mind Killer (Jackal Queenston RMX) Adam Freeland 4:52
Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner remix) Freeland 2 5:44
Mind Killer (Origin Unknown mix) (part of a “FabricLive 16: Adam Freeland” DJ‐mix) Freeland 5 5:27
Mind Killer Suite (Bassbin Twins edit) Adam Freeland 6:14
Mindkiller (original / Jagz Krooner / Origins Unknown remix) Adam Freeland 5:05
Monza Adam Freeland 4:56

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