We Are the ChampionsThe Filmscore OrchestraCD16
  • GB1999-04-06
Going for a SongGFS2025033107120222
Film 00 (behave…)The Filmscore OrchestraCD18
Going for a SongGFS2735033107127320
War at the MoviesThe Filmscore OrchestraCD21
Going for a SongGFS2505033107125029
Shaken & Stirred: The Complete Bond, James BondThe Filmscore OrchestraCD22Going for a SongGFS0275033107102723
The Hits of Simon & GarfunkelThe Filmscore OrchestraCD16Going for a SongGFS1255033107112524
Yesterday Once MoreThe Filmscore Orchestra & Richard CarpenterCD17