performing orchestra
AmericaThe Filmscore Orchestra3:48
Anakin's ThemeJohn Williams3:10
Bridge Over Troubled WaterThe Filmscore Orchestra4:49
Bright EyesThe Filmscore Orchestra4:03
Cantina Band (from Star Wars)The Filmscore Orchestra4:07
CeciliaThe Filmscore Orchestra2:41
Duel of the FatesThe Filmscore Orchestra4:17
El Condor PasaThe Filmscore Orchestra3:15
Empire Strikes Back (from Star Wars II)The Filmscore Orchestra3:00
Hans Solo & Princess LeiaJohn Williams3:29
Homeward BoundThe Filmscore Orchestra2:39
I Am a RockThe Filmscore Orchestra3:16
Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)The Filmscore Orchestra3:03
Keep the Customer SatisfiedThe Filmscore Orchestra3:08
Me and Julio Down by the School YardThe Filmscore Orchestra2:43
Mother and Child ReunionThe Filmscore Orchestra3:02
Mrs RobinsonThe Filmscore Orchestra3:49
Parade of the EwoksJohn Williams3:29
Princess Leia's ThemeJohn Williams4:28
Scarborough Fair/CanticleThe Filmscore Orchestra3:16
Slip Slidin’ AwayThe Filmscore Orchestra4:46
Star Wars Fanfare & ThemeJohn Williams1:26
Star Wars Theme 'Pop' VersionJohn Williams3:22
Star Wars Theme (End Title)John Williams2:24
Take Me to the Mardi GrasThe Filmscore Orchestra3:23
The BoxerThe Filmscore Orchestra5:33
The Droid Invasion & The Appearance of Darth MaulJohn Williams5:12
The Return of the Jedi (from Star Wars III)The Filmscore Orchestra3:54
The Sound of SilenceThe Filmscore Orchestra3:29
Victory CelebrationJohn Williams2:30
Yoda's Theme (from Star Wars II)The Filmscore Orchestra3:36
Star Wars: A Musical TributeJohn Williams; The Filmscore Orchestra