Stefanie Eulinberg (drummer)

~ Person


member of:Sister Moon (Spanish metal band)
The Twisted Brown Trucker (from 1998 to present)
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Amendrums (drum set) [drums]Kid Rock4:41
Baby Come HomemembranophoneKid Rock3:08
CockymembranophoneKid Rock3:58
Drunk in the MorningmembranophoneKid Rock5:32
ForevermembranophoneKid Rock3:46
I’m a DogmembranophoneKid Rock3:36
I’m Wrong, but You Ain’t RightmembranophoneKid Rock4:56
Lay It on MemembranophoneKid Rock4:56
Lonely Road of FaithmembranophoneKid Rock5:29
Midnight Train to MemphismembranophoneKid Rock4:44
Sugardrums (drum set) [drums]Kid Rock3:45
Trucker AnthemmembranophoneKid Rock4:40
What I Learned Out on the RoadmembranophoneKid Rock4:59
When U Love Someonedrums (drum set) [drums]Kid Rock5:41
You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like MemembranophoneKid Rock4:54
Don’t Tell Me U Love Mebackground vocalsKid Rock4:21
Trucker AnthemKid Rock4:40
What I Learned Out on the Roadbackground vocalsKid Rock4:59