Loudness (Japanese heavy metal band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Winds of Victory Loudness 4:41
The Winds of Victory Loudness 4:39
The Winds Of Victory Loudness 4:39
Theme of Loudness (Part II) Loudness 1:59
This Lonely Heart Loudness 4:06
This Lonely Heart Loudness 4:07
THIS LONELY HEART (Japanese Version) Loudness 4:06
Thunder Burn Loudness 5:21
To Be Demon Loudness 6:07
TO BE DEMON Loudness ?:??
Tomorrow Is Not Promised Loudness 5:51
Tomorrow Is Not Promised Loudness 5:51
Touch My Heart Loudness 5:10
Track By Track Interview Loudness ?:??
Transformation Loudness ?:??
Tusk of Jaguar Loudness 3:56
Tusk of Jaguar Loudness 3:13
Tusk of Jaguar / Drum Solo Loudness 7:35
Twist of Chain Loudness 3:41
Twisted Loudness 5:18
Twisted Loudness 10:09
Unknown Civilians Loudness 3:57
Unknown Civilians Loudness 3:57
Vision Loudness 4:58
Voo Doo Voices Loudness 4:25
Waking the Dead Loudness 3:55
Waking the Dead Loudness 3:55
Waking the Dead (live) Loudness 4:04
Warum? / Nackt im Wind / Gotta Fight / Take It Time / Nam nuzhen nir (We Need Peace) / Za milion godina (For a Million Years) / From All of Us Austria für Afrika / Band für Afrika / Loudness / Eikichi Yazawa / Autograph / YU Rock Mission / All of Us 14:37
We Could Be Together Loudness 4:55
WE COULD BE TOGETHER (Unreleased -M2-) Loudness ?:??
We Could Be Together (Unreleased Demo -M2-) Loudness ?:??
What's The Truth Loudness 4:06
What's the Truth? Loudness 4:09
What's the Truth? Loudness 5:05
Whatsoever Loudness ?:??
Where Am I Going? Loudness 3:51
Who Knows Loudness 4:04
Who Knows (Time to take a Stand) Loudness 4:04
Who the Hell Cares Loudness 5:40
Wicked Witches Loudness 4:26
Wind From Tibet Loudness ?:??
Wind From Tibet Loudness 5:09
Without You Loudness 4:05
Wolfgang Amadeus Loudness 4:45
Wolfgang Amadeus Loudness 4:51
Wolfgang Amadeus Loudness 4:51
Wonder Man Loudness 5:53
Ya Stepped on a Mine Loudness 3:45
You Shook Me Loudness 4:43
You Shook Me Loudness 4:38
YOU SHOOK ME Loudness ?:??
喜怒哀楽 Loudness 6:21
回想 Loudness 1:57
蜃気楼 Loudness 4:15

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